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07-23-2018, 12:57 PM
Warmonger Hero Idea:

NAME: Warmonger
CLASS: Heavy
DESCRIPTION: Disabler, Bash Intensive

WEAPON: Two handed war-hammer with a spike on the back of the head.
APPEARANCE: Heavy plate armor with few exposed sections. Any uncovered part is covered in chain mail. Armor is designed to be exceptionally brutal and sinister. With spikes and ridges covering the plates. The helmet has a ridged front and spikes near the front (think Rhino).

Numbing finisher: At the end of his chains Warmonger can do a final heavy that if it lands or is blocked will disable the enemy's guard for a short time. (They can still dodge and attack, but they canít block or parry) The finisher has no major visual differences. It will still have a call out and there will be some visual indicators. It will not however have major visual changes due how easy it is to avoid. Weapon will glow black during the attack. It can be avoided by a dodge, deflect, interrupt, or parry.
Spike Finisher: After the Warmonger's chains you can finish it with a light attack. The light will be performed with the spike and applies bleed. The standard bleed indicators will apply here.
Choking Throw: After a guardbreak you can press and hold X to pick them up and choke them. The choke drains stamina. The longer you hold the choke the stronger the drain. When done you toss them down and it stuns them. If you or your enemy are hit the choke is stopped. If the choke is stopped no stun is applied. Note: If done without holding X a standard throw is done, if thrown into a wall after choking it will still wall splat. If the target is out of stamina he gets unbalanced fury or standard knockdown punish after he throws them. (Keybind: X, hold X)
Body Slam: Walk backward and press X (same as Long Arm and Caber Toss) to pick up your enemy and Body Slam them. The slam stuns, drains stamina, and does damage. If either person is hit the Slam is stopped. Can be charged for increased effects. He does not get any free attacks from this move. (Keybind: \/ X)
Ground Kick: Can kick an unbalanced opponent that makes them stay down longer. Also drains stamina. Cannot be done after Unbalanced Fury, Body Slam, and Choking Throw. (Keybind: X while enemy is on the ground)
Unbalanced Fury: Can repeatedly punch an unbalanced opponent to do damage. Each punch is equivalent to a light attack. There is a limit to how much you can punch them depending on their current health. The more health the more punches. Warmonger will automatically stop punching when he reaches his limit. Can kill an opponent with this ability. Cannot be done after Choking Throw or Body Slam. Also stuns (unless OOS). Keybind: L (only while enemy is on the ground).
Parry Counter: After a parry he can counter immediately (Think Centurion or Warlord) The counter will cause him to backhand his enemy. After the counter he can immediately follow with a chain finisher. Backhand stuns and drains stamina. Bleed Finisher is guaranteed, but the Numbing Finisher is not.
Shoulder Charge: While sprinting press and hold X to charge forward while bashing an enemy with your shoulder. The first person to be hit is knocked down.
Head-butt Grab: Can dodge forward and to the sides then press X to grab your opponent by the shoulder, jerk them forward, than head-butt them. The head-butt will drain stamina and stun. Guarantees a light attack. If dodged the enemy can get a free dodge attack or bash, but not a guard-break.
Zone Attack: The Zone Attack is a two part attack. The first part does damage and comes from the right. The second part counts as a bash. If it hits it will fling the opponent to the left of Warmonger (think Tiandiís Dragon Kick). The bash will come from the right side and can be avoided by dodging to the Warmongerís right or backward. The bash part can be canceled and the first part counts as a heavy when parried.

Light Attacks: Neutral side light attacks are 600ms. Neutral top lights are 500ms. They all deal 18 damage. Chain lights are all 500ms and deal 18 damage as well.
Heavy Attacks: All side heavies are 800ms and deal 30 damage. All top heavies are 900ms and deal 40 damage.
Dodge Recovery: Forward Dodge recovery is 500ms and side dodges are 600ms. Back dodge recovery is 800ms.
Guardbreak: Guardbreaks perform normally and guarantee a side heavy.
Numbing Finisher: Numbing Finisher is 800ms and deals 45 damage.
Spike Finisher: Spike Finisher is 500ms and deals 5 damage. It also applies 20 bleed damage.
Zone Attack: The first part of the zone attack is 600ms and deals 20 damage.
Stamina: Warmonger has the standard 120 stamina.

H, L, H
H, L, L
L, H, H
L, H, L

PLAYSTYLE: Warmonger is meant to be a stamina drainer and a turtle smasher. Most of his abilities can drain large amount of stamina and because he relies heavily on bashes he can deal with turtles. To further enhance his ability to fight turtles his Numbing Finisher can be used to open turtles, as it has no major visual changes so turtles will just try to block it. Beyond fighting turtles he can use his bashes to do large amounts of damage, or drain stamina and use his Unbalanced Fury to destroy his opponents health bars.

FEAT IDEAS: Note: This is not a full list; this is a list of ideas for feats I think he should have.
Indomitable: Active Feat. Warmonger becomes temporarily immune to all forms of bash attacks.

Concern with Design:
If Warmonger was to be released I think he would be balanced. To start he is a slow character with slow attacks and slow dodges. His kit relies heavily on bashes, so if you are competent and can dodge then you can avoid a lot of his damage. He does have a parry counter, but that only guarantees a bleed light attack, and his numbing finisher is not guaranteed by the counter and is extremely avoidable. He does have a lot of anti-stamina abilities, but they can avoided and because he is slow you can just run away while out of stamina. He would be incredible strong while in 4v4s due to his crowd control abilities and the ability to keep people on the ground for longer, but he wonít be the first character able to lock down opponents (Shugokiís Demonís Embrace). If anything I think he would a little weak at times, as he relies so heavily on bash attacks.

1. H = Heavy
2. L = Light
3. GB = Guard-Break
4. * = Must land
5. A = Dodge
6. -> <- /\ \/ = Dodge/Move Direction

07-23-2018, 09:17 PM
Honestly sounds mostly like a Lawbringer re-work (which is still sorely needed).

07-25-2018, 10:05 PM
Now I feel silly because on the Swordmaster Hero Idea I responded to your post and it included a link to this post. Now I realize that you have already seen this post. Beyond that would you mind telling me how this sounds like a Lawbringer Rework? Lawbringer is a counter attacker, while Warmonger would be a very aggressive hero (at least in my mind). He has a single parry counter attack, while Lawbringer has 4 different unique parry counters. If I had to compare this character to others I would say he is a blend of Centurion (for the Bash Attacks) and Lawbringer (for his slowness and damage).