View Full Version : [EU][NA]The Beacon Gaming Community!

07-22-2018, 11:03 PM
Heyo ;-;)/ it's ya boi dreggos!

Coming at you to tell you that The Beacon Gaming Community is recruiting!

You may ask "If you're a gaming community what games you be playing" well let me answer you random person on the internet.

Well The Beacon is a chill gaming community made last year for people who want to play games, make friends and chill at the same time. We play R6, OW, Fortnite, Paladins, HotS and more! For multiplayer games like Overwatch and Rainbow SIx we host tournaments for our members to join with prizes such as gift cards and more!. No sign up required!!

If this sounds like the server for you you can message me here

DIscord - Dreggz#1238
Uplay - Dreggz_

or if you would like to join straight away here is a link - https://discord.gg/2X4sdUx

Thanks dreggos ;-;)/