View Full Version : Urgent for Devs

07-21-2018, 01:39 AM
Something was overlooked, when you guys were looking at ways to improve the game.
That something, is your music score. It may not seem significant but that's why it was overlooked.
Music scored while seemingly unimportant have contributed to the success of major franchises (Halo, Star Wars, Elder Scrolls etc)
The point im trying to make is since launch the games low energy music has put me to sleep. It tries to be scary
and ominous yet comes out dull and tiring.

My suggestion/ assertion is to redo the music score for this IP, add the exciting sounds of triumph and drums of war.
also whole Ubi Blue v Orange is lame, really should go back to the ole red/blue.
And Class abilities make conquest more annoying than anything else.

See ya on the battlefielddsss!