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07-20-2018, 04:03 AM
Add a 3 heavy and light combo for example h, h, h and L, L, L also make it so anytime in the combo switch between a heavy and light example h, L, h or L, L, h.

As a warlord main, I know the pains of having a very predictable combo so having a longer combo will give the warlord a higher mix up potential and have a exhilarating time with mind games.

Increase heavy side damage from 30 to 35 and top from 25 to 30 and end of chain finishers 40 on side heavy and 35 on top heavy's

The warlords attack speed is 100 m.s. faster than the raider who can do 45 on top heavy's and 40 on side heavy's. the warlord is a heavy class while the raider is a vanguard class the definition of a heavy or aka a tank they gain high health and damage in lieu of speed.

New unblockable mix up heavy's can be feinted into shield bash by hitting guard break and can be a starter to a chain for example if warlord does h, L, h the first and last heavy can be feinted into a shield bash the time for it to connect is 500 m.s. so if you know its coming you can dodge it.

This new combo can be called shield bash mix ups and this will give the warlord more to work with and prompt a more aggressive play style also I want him to use his shield a lot more outside of parry's and full block.

head splitter leap, please make it so that it is faintable and undodgeable.

The head splitter leap is a high risk low reward situation the highest damage output is 37 damage with the head splitter leap combo. making it so that it is undodgeable will make it more valuable with doge catching. The soft faint will add a more mix ups to the warlords kit.

Superior lights, make it unbockable also increase the range of the lights.

There is a bug with the lights if you hit another hero that has superior lights like warden it will hit there guard and do no damage so that is there to fix said bug. The increased range is to help when warlord lights parry's other hero's with better range like Nobushi or Kensei.

500 m.s. lights, light chains.

That's a standard for all heroes.

Full block stance, garneteed unblockable heavy similar to the conqueror. Counter slash can be done in any direction top, left or right.

The full block stance is risky because the enemy can get a free gb also they know that the counter slash is coming on there right so they will block it, so making it come from any direction will help with that problem. The garneteed heavy is there mostly to reward the warlord for taking a risk.

Headbutt the light after a headbutt is unblockable.

The light is not always guaranteed for example if a warlord headbutts someone then a teammate try's to get free damage for nothing and then the enemy can now block your light giving you no damage .

Auto revive, buff it so that when you revive yourself you come back with hyper armor similar to when you spawn back to help prevent from taking any damage as soon as you stand up also make it so that if there are more than one enemy you come back with more than half health.

The hyper armor is there so that you don't get killed because in any game mode the enemy can see which feats you have so if they see you have auto revive they can just wait for you to get up and kill you again with catapult, fire bomb, arrows etc. The added health is there so that if there is more than one enemy within 10-15 meters of you when you die you don't get immediately killed.

07-20-2018, 08:58 AM
I can get behind most things but not everything. I am a warlord main since the beta when warlord was a first playable. Starting with his chains, I personally believe that youíre essentially asking for them to give kenseis chains to warlord, e.g. a 3 hit combo interchangeable between lights and heavy. I donít think he should get that. At the very least he should get a H,H and a L,L. And maybe even allowing him to chain his zone in or something. I agree with the increase to his damage as he is one of the weaker hitters in the game where his side heavy is only guaranteed of a wall bounce with your guard already in a side stance. I do find the feint heavy into shield bash an interesting idea but feel like it would be making warlord too much into post rework conq. I think they should bring back his party shield bash heavy but just put that heavy down to 25 dmg. If centurion can get a 25 heavy of a heavy parry then why canít warlord? All block; his heavy off of all block can be made unblockable if his shield is struck but is regular if he just heavyís outbof all block. How about we also expand his all block capabilities? What if we allow him to go straight into a forward charge/throw off of the enemy hitting his shield? Thatís just an idea though. Furthermore, I donít think his superior lights and light after headbutt should be unblockable, but more worked on to be 100% guaranteed like theyíre suppose to be. Itís like making shinobis second light or nobushis 3rd light unblockable. They just need to be slightly tweaked. Lastly, just another idea, what if after his jump heavy, if not parried, he does a shield bash, like after a parry, that can wall stun and guarantee a heavy or light instead of the headbutt into light?
Warlord is my favorite hero in for honor, and has some of the best weapon designs in the game. It pains me to see him so I played and unmatched, often relying on headbutt spam and oos 50/50ís. I would love for him to get a rework or at least be updated after valk so I can finally check him out of the nursing home and shield bash some fools.

07-20-2018, 04:38 PM
I like that people are finally discussing the WL. I like where these threads are going but disagree with some things.

I don't want headsplitter leap feintable as that's kinda cheesy, boosting it's damage would be great though since it's so slow and really looks like it should hit hard.

The big issues with him are as follows (in my opinion)

1) limited combos. Open up his combo variety, LL HH LHL HLH etc, seems pretty standard. Perhaps let him end a combo with his shield punch (as long as it's dodgeable and punishable)

2) his parry mechanic. After a years worth of parry reworks bis unique shield punch parry is no longer usable. Remake it to be situationally viable.

3) fullblock) he's a big dude with a shield and his fullblock feels like cap for blocking. Reduce the stamina drain, and give him some notable guaranteed dmg when blocking with it. Don't go as crazy with it as the conqs (30dmg from blocking a light is silly), but maybe make the heavy unblockable after blocking a heavy.

Also 1 or 2 more options from out of FB would be great.