View Full Version : Compensation following recent DDoS attacks

07-19-2018, 03:08 PM
Hello warriors,

Due to recent DDoS attacks this week impacting many games including For Honor, we’ll be granting all active players during the last month the following compensation.

1000 steel
10 XP Boost
2 Scavenger Crates

This compensation has already been added for PC players. Console will be coming through the day. These items will automatically be applied to your account when you log into the game.

Thank you for your patience and we’ll see you in battle!

07-31-2018, 07:53 AM
I bought about four of the games, 'For Honor', a while back. But I have not played the games for a while.

After I started playing again, I discovered that my levels are all down to zero.

Some of the games I have are level 5 or 6.

It very unfair to be compensated with just 1000. The hours of playing is such a waste. I am very disappointed.

Henry M Pianzin