View Full Version : List of requests that have never been considered.

07-18-2018, 12:16 PM
This game is great and i really love it! But i'm tired of the dev team not telling us what they know about some requests. Some people are waiting for one or two specific little changes for months.
Of course the team have to rebalance and prepare March of fire (and definitly the game get better), but what about the little and easy changes?! The dev team would just have to say "yes we will work on it after we finished what we are doing now" or "no we don't plan to do it for the moment or ever". That's all!! But no, we don't have any answer and have no clue if the patch we crave for is coming someday. Please, AT LEAST tell us if it is going to eventually come one day or if we wait for nothing! It would take 5 seconds of a warrior's den to end the questionning.. And on the other hand you can be sure Pope will take the time to talk about an old picture of him during the community corner!! Eric i like you but come on..

In my case i would like more customisation slots, i think 3 are not enough. There is a huge quantity of effects, ornament or outfits but we can only use 3 of them... I don't spend steel anymore because i would have to delete my current styles. Feel frustrated about it for a year.
I saw one modo saying that he will talk about it to the dev team 6 months ago, but nothing from ubisoft before and after this despite many threads about it.

So players, here is the place to list your wishes that have always be ignored!
Hoping the dev team have enough consideration for us to at least tell us if they don't give a **** about those topics.