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07-17-2018, 09:25 AM
My suggestions for BGE2 are based on BGE1. As most of you know in BGE you have a ton of variety missions that you do, sort of like different games.

For example the starting half an hour is taking pictures of rare animals and getting money for it, then there is a battle with space aliens, after that there is a bit of exploration, then you jump into your water vehicle and drive around the water, then you battle this sort of mini boss. Once you go to the town you have all these games that you can participate in.

So my suggestion is to look at BGE1 missions and games and put as much of them as possible into BGE2.

There could be missions calling for taking various pictures, not only pictures of rare animals(which would be cool and interesting), but pictures of certain game characters, there could be missions to spy on characters and take pictures of them in certain places, with certain people, etc... You could be taking pictures of certain unique objects, that would have you sneak into buildings and past security to get to an object and take pictures of it.

There is so much interesting gameplay that can be attached to taking pictures.

There could be missions involving racing, whether its naval vehicle racing, road racing or even aerial racing. There is so much potential here as well. In BGE1 racing was a fun way to make money, in BGE2 it could be a fun to make money too, but much more as well. Maybe there could be leaderboards to keep track of your progress, how many points and win you've gotten, there could a league that you could join if you won enough races. Lets say you win 5 races purely in order to get money, now you get an invitation to join a league that will have a lot more money involved in it, maybe even the possibility to win unique vehicles that aren't available to get in any other way. That would be really cool.

Puzzles were a part of BGE1, so obviously missions involving puzzles would be a great addition. These could be missions that place you in a more linear place, certain buildings or caves or something of that nature, where in order to progress you have to solve puzzles. Obviously Tomb Raider games do this very well, for this game though, maybe a little less tough puzzles, puzzles that can be solved in like 10 minutes.

IN BGE1 you had to protect Page a lot of the time, he could die and fail the mission if you didn't protect him, BGE2 takes an open world gameplay and obviously different style, but there could be missions added where you go out with a passy, say to steal something, but you can only do it with your passy, but they have HP and would need a little bit of looking out for them, rather than just rushing in head first into action.

Another type of missions could be trailing someone, with a big open world it opens up the possibility of having missions that have you trail someone, either by foot or vehicle without getting noticed. GTA does these missions often and they make for interesting missions when spread out just right. Again this would require a more linear and scripted approach, but I believe that varied gameplay is way more fun, than just the same old thing and doing things more scripted can allow of good, fun directed gameplay and storytelling.

If there is interest, I might even create the scenarios and mission outline for you.