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07-16-2018, 11:11 PM
I know i am late to this, but i feel like as if i have to talk about why i think Oddessey isn't going to do well or better, why i think it could go bad.
Now let's us beat that dead Horse:

1. Is the fact that we have to choose between 2 protagonist, who are virtually the same as they are self-inserts, rather than actual Characters. It's not nessesarly bad having self-inserts in games like for instance FE or Shin Megami Tensei, but it's bad for Assassins Creed, since the purpose of the animus and the Historical setting is that it's about reliving the memories of people long gone. Unless Lelya built an Animus that can manipulate the memories of these people or the DNA is too fragile to show any accurate events, i have hard time accepting this. Another is that the game is not Canon,so it doesn't matter to the plot what we do, but the Canon Novel starring our Greek Aloy ( Kassandra ) does. This not only is pretty cowardly from them to declare her story Canon without any proper adversement and coverage, but shows how afriad they are to progress the plot with a Female lead. It's like making Wild West game, where you can play either a Cowbow or a Mexican outlaw, with me only showing trailers starring the Cowbow and showing him on the coverage of the game, yet using the Word of God to declare that the game is not Canon to the story and that the Mexican is the actual Hero in the Novel i will release soon. What is the right word for that? oh yeah, Insanity. If you are way too dependent on tansmedia to explain plotholes in a video game like that, then the story already failed.

2. The Graphics, they are just like Origins with no real improvement.

3. The Combat system is kind of unoriginal as it is basically AC Origins combat minus shield and a Piece of a Lance as a weapon. It would't so bad, if they at least tried to change or improve on it like adding new mechanics to keep it fresh llike for instance breakable weapons.

and finally 4. The lack of Assassin trademarks that make the AC franshise recongizable rather than the logo. I get that they are trying to get newcomers into the series and that they wanted to make the appeareance fit more with the setting, but this just crossed many lines. Better would it had been if they added a social stealth again with a Persona system, so that we can take up multiple roles of the Greeks like being a Hoplite in Battles, a Assassin as primary outfit for stealth or a Philosopher to win arguments with your opponents.

So you have it, I don't think that Oddessey is going to be so special, so tell me if you agree or disagree with me.

07-17-2018, 03:57 AM
Did you really need to make a thread on this? It just comes across as attention seeking. You're saying nothing new that you haven't said a thousand times in all your other anti-Odyssey rants.

07-17-2018, 06:54 PM
Uhm, no, this was actually going to be my final post about Oddessey in this forum and a summary to what i think about it, i am now done with the topic here, if there is nothing said here that is not useful. After all AnimusLover, you wouldn't be able making a counter argument, since you last posts towards me was just strawmanning me and spreading nonsense about AC even a child could debunk. so no, if no one wants here to make a constructive comment, i am not going to bother looking it up.