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07-16-2018, 04:08 PM
Wouldn't it be fun to add Chinpokomon to the game to give it an extra edge and a new item to collect?
Why? it's always fun to collect stuff and I don't really have to explain why this would be fun, why wouldn't it be?!

They should be upgradable and have rarities and achievements with rewards linked to collecting and upgrading them.
They are displayed standing near your NK.
They have minor stats which improve when your upgrade them.


Every Chinpokomon can have every stat at random. The type of stat is displayed by a different colour in the Chinpokomon's name.
The name of your Chinpokomon is displayed under your NK's name (small).
NK HP: green
NK ATK: red
NK Energy regen (X Energy / minute ; not in overtime): blue
(Droprate: yellow?)

The stat boost should be something like this (it's just an example):

HP: +50 / +100 / +150

ATK (ZAP): +1 / +2 / +3

EN: +0.5 / +1 / +1.5


When you upgrade a Chinpokomon you choose the Chinpokomon with the stat you want and than you can add other Chinpokomon of the same kind to it to upgrade it. The first stat chosen will be the stat that gets upgraded and can't be changed afterwards. You can add Chinpokomon with a different stat than the chosen one to your Chinpokomon as long as its the same kind of Chinpokomon.

They will also have rarities and the stats and upgrade reqs should slighly differ.

lvl 1 0/20
lvl 2 0/40
lvl3 0/60

lvl 1 0/10
lvl 2 0/20
lvl3 0/30

lvl 1 0/5
lvl 2 0/10
lvl3 0/15

lvl 1 0/2
lvl 2 0/4
lvl3 0/6

And to make it even more fun you should add a variant type of every Chinpokomon. Variant types are extremely difficult to obtain but don't have better stats, they just look extremely cool and are solely for showing off how badass you are. They have another colour or a glow added to it.
A variant type isn't requestable but you can add it to your Chinpokomon even when you already started upgrading it and it will change its appearence to a variant type; so it can be added to your Chinpokomon at any time.

How to obtain them?

Chinpokomon don't drop theirselves, they are obtained by spending pokocoins or spinning a wheel with an obtained Chinpokomonticket.

You could add those coins and tickets to the pvp packs, event packs, locker loot; and the shops.
They should also be requestable every 8 hours, just as cards but as a separate request.

Every 4 hours you have the chance to spin the wheel for free which gives you a random Chinpokomon (variant chance included).

Tickets can be common, rare, epic or legendary.

Legendary and variant tickets can only be obtained in the Legendary ranks. And have an increased droprate in the season reward packs and rewards.

(Variant tickets also have different rarities: variant common, variant are, variant epic, variant legendary).

With pokocoins you can buy Chinpokomon tickets or a Chinpokomon of choice but those will be A LOT more expensive.


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I got Shoe!