View Full Version : Thematic faction reworks?

07-16-2018, 11:35 AM
I won't go into the "Upcoming Heroes OP" or "I'm gonna rage quit now" mod just yet, although I understand people that do, since watching some of the gameplay videos of the upcoming cast really has me wondering why ubisoft, just why do you think it is ok, fair and balanced to have such heroes alongside valk and shugoki when it clearly isn't. Yeah they will get a rework, sure, but why is it considered ok to have to wait for several months to even a year for heroes who are clearly under-powered to receive their rightly due update? I won't go into any of those, instead I have one simple question for the devs (which is actually a few questions related to one another) and I would really, truly (and i mean this with absolutely no sarcasm) like for one of them to answer it/them. Here goes nothing;

You have various different factions and a fourth one is coming along. That is great, I applaud your dedication and work to bringing more new stuff into the game. My question is; why aren't you utilizing this to a greater and more logical extent? For instance, why aren't the knight based more on, let's say, hyper armor and soft feint attacks (why soft feint? because feinting attacks way actually the way skilled medieval knights fought) when they clearly have the most armor that would shrug off if not 90% then surely 80% of blows made from heroes belonging to other factions? Why is lawbringer, the biggest and most heavily armored class interrupted by small sickle attacks from a shinobi, and yet a shinobi, A SHINOBI; one of the most lightly armored heroes, does not get interrupted by this mountain when he gets hit with a massive poleaxe while the shinobi is attempting to attack him WITH HIS LEGS! I know realism isn't really a thing in for honor, but really? REALLY? Would in not make more sense to have knights revolve more around hyper armor and skilled looking soft feint attacks, samurai around mobility and quick attacks, vikings around "dirty" tactics and powerful unblockable attacks? Instead, every new rework, every new added hero gets almost everything and performs everything better than most of the older cast while also having faster lights, unique stances, a plethora of unblockables, chains from everything into anything etc. Would it not make more sense to have heroes belonging to a particular faction have a basic playstlye that is then adjusted and altered in different ways depending on the specific hero?