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07-14-2018, 04:25 PM
My Wish List

1. choice of hairstyles
2. several choices of third person views
- i don't want to see my character 10 meters away even when fighting giants.
- you don't need to give me the convenience, it should be penalty in fighting giant or many enemy.
3. turn off auto zoom in and out
- especially when walking in origins, auto zoom in happen.
4. separate UI into more detailed parts and choice for it
5. except underwear we can take off parts of outfit
- i don't want that ugly shin guard
- yes historical research is important in assassin, but don't forget this is game.

6. more combat motions and skills
7. reduce dodge and kicking distance
- need more realistic motion for it
8. polish the character's step
- bayek is good, but they in odyssey are icing
9. real time physics like TressFX
10. choice of shiled
- many ppl voices shied but i want parry with sword not shield and parry motions like for honor.
- i afraid of you adopting shield again. so i added this

11. most important part. I WANT VESTMENT OF HORUS for kassandra

I'm very sensitive to what make it succeed in things. so you should listen to me
thank you