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07-14-2018, 12:12 PM
Ok I know, everyone is waiting for the cinese heroes that will be released in October, and after them we will probably see two more of them so that all factions have 6 heroes. But I think Ubisoft already planned all that out, so let's talk about what will be released after them. I personally think we'll get some heavy heroes, because every faction (besides the cinese one) already has 2 assassins and 2 hybrids (and I don't think they are going to add any other vanguard hero). But what could those heroes be? That's what I'll be trying to figure out here.

The Spearman

Yes, yes, I know, everyone wants a war hammer knight hero, but this concept looks great to me and anyway, don't worry: probably you'll find what you're searching for in the vikings' hero.

https://i.etsystatic.com/13753571/r/il/9d36a7/1456462326/il_340x270.1456462326_mpa9.jpgthe guy here should have a better armor, but I hope you got the idea

He's basically a knight with a big pavise shield and a spear (longer than the valkyrie's one).
For the move set, he would probably have a guard stance like the warlord or the conqueror, but he could also be able to perform light/heavy attacks while holding it, but only in one direction (probably right). He could also be able to interrupt his stance with a small charge that will keep him protected from all the attacks from the front (because he's holding his shield in front of him), after which he can perform either a light attack or press guard-brake to keep bashing.
(of course this is all speculation, and there are plenty of other unique things this hero may have)

The Keeper

Here you are, your wonderful war hammer hero is here! What? You wanted him to be a Knight? Well this concept looks great, I don't know why you shouldn't appreciate it.

[Didn't find any good image, sorry]:p

think of a big tall viking (something between the raider and the warlord), with a long hooded fur cloak and a double-handed maul, with a raven that sits on his shoulder. The raven could fly over and follow him while the keeper is moving or fighting, and then sit on his shoulder if he's standing still. The idea is the one of some kind of viking guardian to a sacred temple or something similar. This would also be a very symbolic hero, because the war hammer represents Thor, the raven Odin and his 'keeper role' Heimdall. This would be supposed to be a hero that is best at defending a position that at attacking.
I don't have any particular idea for the move set, but I think he could have a way to use his raven in a fight, commanding it to attack the enemy, not dealing damage but stunning him for a short time; this would count as an upper attack that can be dodged or blocked. You may be able to parry that attack killing the raven, but then how should the keeper get it back? Does it respawn after some time? Maybe you could be able to revive it like if it was another player! This sound a quite interesting mechanic to me (also, the keeper would be the first hero to have a pet, which is another thing I find cool).
In 4v4 modes, he could have some specific skills to use the raven in other cool ways, for example he may send the raven up in the air and, for a small amount of time (10 secs maybe?), he would be able to see all the allies and the enemies in the map, even trough walls (like what the 'eye blessing' does in the tribute mode).

Imagining samurai heroes is fairly easy, because Japanese medieval people invented a quite big amount of unique weapons, so I have a few different ideas for this hero: he may be a big warrior with a Zanbato Basically a very big 2-handed katana long around 2 meters. Description here:
This is the proportion:
or a Nagamaki
Like a nodachi (the kensei's sword), but with a longer handle, so that it's almost a polearm.
Description here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nagamaki
or maybe he could be some sort of samurai policeman with a Sasumata
Description here:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sasumata
it could be used to hook the enemy's body parts in a similar way of how the gladiator or the cinese hero with the hook-swords do

But the idea I like the most is the one of an old fisherman using an Eku (yep, this is basically a wooden oar)

Description here:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eku

He would surely be different from the shugoki, because the eku is lighter and it was used by the civilians as a sostitute of the nodachi. I have no idea of what the move set could be like, but it would surely be interesting.


So, what do you think those concepts? Would you like to see them in the game sooner or later? Do you have any other ideas/suggestions for this or other heroes? Let me know your opinions about For Honor's future!

07-14-2018, 08:19 PM
I love your concept for the keeper. A well thought-out hero who wields his weapon for a reason and with a cool new mechanic.
As for moveset I see a mix of Shugoki's knockback-heavy, Raider's using both ends of the axe to fight and Highlander's switching between stances. Basically he would be Shugoki on crack with his speciality to knock people away from him (and the zone he's defending).
The first raven attack could be a pinning move like Cent's pinning spear, which would work as a setup for a knockback-strike. The second a form of "Marked for death". There are more stuff here to play around with.
Sadly I don't think we'll see new heroes in the old factions for a while, but if we do I would definitely like to see this guy.

07-14-2018, 11:48 PM
I'm happy you appreciated it! And I like your ideas too. I think those heroes have a lot of different and unique possibilities for their move set (but isn't it the same for every For Honor hero, actually?). Also you're probably right to say we won't get some old-factions-hero any time soon, but it's good like this. And who knows, maybe, in the future ...