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07-13-2018, 05:57 AM
Just wanted to say big thanks to whole South park phone destroyer team for making a great game. But even great things can get better so lets jump into suggestions:

Single player mode It seems like loads of levels there right, but I completed Adventure, Sci-fi, mystic and I have just over 15 levels left in fantasy theme and once I am done with them, I only gonna have practice mode afterwards no more extra coins or cards. So my suggestion would be to refresh loot for level 15 every week or at least once a month so we could get something out of it, because some days you just don't feel like playing pvp and in my case there is not much else to do in this game apart from playing pvp and I am sure I am not the only one with this problem.

Some cards which needs a bit of adjusting: Rogue token slight reduction of area affected by his war cry. Medicine women Sharon, Mr Hankey both of these cards could get slight health and damage increase next Manbearpig should have charge ability which would do some mass damage where affected area would be similar as Nelly's or he would do less damage, but he would do mass damage similar as Nelly all the time plus his energy cost should go down to 6 energy since Grand Wizard is on the similar health plus he has charge ability. Moving on to Inuit Kenny his energy cost should go down to 3 which would make him usable card. next Grand wizard and program Stan charge abilities should kill one level higher critters like rats gnomes and pigeons simple because one of them is epic and other is legendary.

Other thing is that game needs maintenance, I am aware that it is hard to keep it all smooth and running well, while all of us online so what you could do take game offline for a day or so and give all of us a welcome back gift which would be something similar to legendary pack some coins some pvp tickets and reasonable chance for a legendary card. Which would give you some time to fix bugs implement new features and do some maintenance work in general. So we would be happy since we getting something out of this plus problems being sorted out more quickly and it should be easier for you. So win win situation.

Locker limit during events especially locker events, you could increase it slightly so less people would reach it and you wouldn't get anymore complaints about it.

I was Trying to keep it as short as I can. For developers thanks again for opportunity to run around South park streets, and for other players feel free to join in on this thread and please try to keep it positive.

07-14-2018, 08:29 AM
I can definitely get on board with Rogue Token's radius. Not only is it fricken huge and covers the entire opposing side, but even if you spread out your units high and low, they still get drawn towards him with their ranges because of the AMAZING pathfinding in this game. You actually have a better chance of grouping your units close because they may have a chance of killing him before he gets his kick off. I've seen that a lot more often then I've seen any unit getting past him.

Grand Wizard Cartman just flat out sucks. For that price and how little he does, he should have Mecha Timmy's charge range and freeze/knock back everyone including the new kid who gets transmogrified into a rat. Game over.

ManBearPig seems to be okay the way he is except he should be able to hit flying units. The whole point of the flying units is they are above the children of South Park, not the entire fricken world. All adults should be able to attack Terrance, Marvin, Pigeons, Bounter Hunter, etc

07-14-2018, 04:24 PM
Thank you for joining my thread. I see you have some interesting ideas with grown ups being able to reach flying units, I can agree on that with manbearpig since he is so tall not sure about other adults. Other than that I agree with you 100 percent.

07-16-2018, 01:36 PM
Since I was trying to keep my initial post relatively short I left out deranking problem all together in hopes that some one else will make a suggestion to it, but since no one did it here it goes:

Solution is simple and works out well for everyone especially new players who constantly being farmed by lvl 16 -19 and possibly higher ones:

So instead of having only 50 lvl and than legendary make another 10 lvl up to 60 and than legendary which would be platinum shield , drop everyone from legendary after season conclusion place them at lvl 51 wich would be a golden shield and they would be locked at this lvl they wouldn't be able to go any lower however after you did it once for next season just kick the ones who are bellow 10k legendary skill rating as you doing now.
So rewards for lvl 51 to 60 would be same as they are in legendary now since that would be golden shield. And for the platinum shield which would be new legendary you would get every time from pvp lockers 4 commons 3 rare 1-2 epic and 1 legendary, minimum 100 pvp tickets in lower locker and between 500-700 pvp tickets in best loot locker.
Pvp pack would contain 150-200 coins 400-450 pvp tickets 10 upgrade items (3 rare guaranteed and 80% chance for epic( or guaranteed 1 copy ) ) same chance for legendary as before 14-15 cards in total

So know you probably wondering what that would achieve, well It would do a lot especially for little ones who struggle to climb pvp lather it will act as a Great China Wall for them it won't allow any ex legendary players to play among people who just casually play the game and has no clue what they need to do and what cards to invest, and in all honesty these people normally gives up long before they gets good or spend any money on the game, on top of that it will introduce some new pvp rewards between 50-60 which is good for players.

And even know you wondering why, well simple because that will reduce friction between developers and players increase player base in the long run and possibly draw more money in for you guys for all that hard work you put in.

08-12-2018, 07:09 AM
And as always no replays from any admins so typical.