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07-12-2018, 07:15 PM
So I just bought the lowest amount of steel I can
5,000 steel

I thought I would share on the reasons I decided to do this because I think Ubisoft could use this information

I normally don't buy Micro-transactions in premium games, my thoughts on this is, If you are charging me money up front this is what you think the game is worth, Though some times I may buy micro-transactions.

When I buy something in the game (Like steel) one of 2 things need to be met:
a) I have played the game for more time then I think the main price is worth and a little more (Because I don't think Multiplayer games should be Premium and if they are they should not have micro-transactions)
b) I feel you have earned some support

In this case it is "b"
After the Summer Sale kerfuffle Ubisoft quickly changed their mind, and I was impressed.
The speed at which they changed their minds told me they were listening and actually cared what we had to say, and that I actually don't see to often.
for that reason I spent 6.99$ on Ubisoft it isn't much but it's what I could afford right now.

I thought Ubisoft would milk the limited time part of the sale until the end and then go back on their word after everyone has spent their money, I see this too often, but no they changed their minds in a matter of days.

Good Job Ubisoft,
Continue to Impress me and I will continue to buy.

07-12-2018, 08:07 PM
Thanks for posting and for playing. I'll pass this over to the rest of the team. We do value the feedback around the community and are happy to have such a passionate group.

07-12-2018, 08:10 PM
I do the same every now and again, if a game can keep me interested for over a year, it deserves a top up every once in a while.

07-12-2018, 08:25 PM
Of course this is how it work...

I would buy a lot more if i felt like i had my word to say.. that my word had some values and that they are listening....

But i don't know if it ever happen...

It still is my favorite game... and i was pleasently surprise to learn that new character where still coming...

I tought it was the end of for honor coming allready after the last character of this season pass..

But look like i will be able to enjoy the game for maybe another years... so i buy 11000 steel ...its worth the time i will play

07-12-2018, 08:38 PM
I don't buy steel for cosmetics because I just don't have that many I want (though having bought the dealer's choice outfit for a character on the test server to see how it looks, I need three of them for the characters I am currently repping so maybe), but yeah the game has kept me interested, I put in a little about mid season tog et a year's worth of champion status which lets me get the few cosmetics I do want. I'll also be getting the Marching Fire update for the early access but I consider champion's status a necessity since I don't stick with one main and will have two more who I am repping all of come October.

If there is any feedback over what would make me buy more cosmetics, give me more outfits like Dealer's Choice, I mean it's only a battle outfit, no ornament, no effects, but it has a theme that is not just random geometric shapes and make the ones that suit attacker or defender colours, dealer's choice would be a good one for the attacker's side but isn't there.

07-12-2018, 10:36 PM
It's good to see Ubisoft got my post.

Say hi and thanks to everyone for me