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07-12-2018, 03:28 PM

You have an artistic eye and can’t wait to give the imperial pride a new coat of paint? That one great idea for a design haunts you seemingly forever? Your pencil is ready to bring us a cool story revolving around an infamous ship or you just want to get crazy with a design paper?

read more (https://www.anno-union.com/en/union-ship-design-contest/)

Use any medium you like to pitch your idea, here are some things to keep in mind:

– As the design will be implemented as a model variant of the Imperial Pride, your submission needs to be based on the community vote winning cruiser.

– Even though the Imperial Pride is a steam cruiser with medium defensive capabilities, you can decide if your variant is a fierce battleship, true pack mule or something entirely different.

– While we like you to go all in with your cool ideas, keep in mind we are still talking about a ship design, which should fit into the setting and to Anno’s gameplay.

– If you want to work with loose stats or special skills, you can just use definitions like “HP – Medium / DMG – High / MANOUVERABLILTY – Weak etc.” or just work with some sort of a points system.

– Surprise us!

The deadline for submissions to the Ship Design Contest is Monday 6th of August

Have fun and good luck!

Anno Team

07-13-2018, 02:14 PM

This is my variant of the Imperial Pride, the Phoenix or PH03-NIX (if the name change). The hull is a bit longer than the original.
The Phoenix is a medium sized warship but can be used as trading ship due its spacious cargo capacity.
Because its a bit longer, it is a bit harder to manouvre. But a bit faster due to the bigger engine.

P.s: sorry the ship isn't in colour but I feared I would ruin it. (it's the best I can)

Mod-Edit: I've cleaned your post up a bit, you can edit your post using the + icon and then select Edit.
~ Chris

(many thanks for the help Chris! :) )

07-14-2018, 11:57 AM
- medium speed (sails, engines)
- medium manouverability
- strong armor
- high firepower (12 cannons)
- high maintenance costs
- only one single small cargo hold

Special abilities:
Does not slow down when it was hit or is loaded.


Full description in German:

07-15-2018, 08:49 AM

Nobody said you could only send one entry in, so here is my next ship.

- Very good armor
- Very good attack
- Slow
- Bad manoeuvrability
- Low cargo cappacity

Special: (or not so special if it will be integrated in multiple ships ;) )
- Mortar / Howitzer
(Can shoot very far in all directions but not up close, has high damage, has long reload time and is inaccurate on moving targets.)

07-15-2018, 01:24 PM

And here is my latest special idea of a new ship.
It has
- Good speed
- Little firepower
- Little armor
- Good manoeuvrability
- Low cargo capacity

- Can place Sea-mines
(The mines would do high damage only to large ships because the large ships get deep enough in the water to hit the mine. Placing of the mines would take some time.
The ship can only carry a limited amount of mines at a time for example 2 before refilling in the harbor. And after placing a mine you would see a symbol where you've placed it
so you wouldn't sail on it yourself. There should also be a max number of active mines per mine-ship like 10 or so)

P.S. all my ships are not very detailed. That's because I want the detailing and the balancing to be done by the real pros ;) (if one of my ships is chosen of course)

07-17-2018, 08:26 AM
- low speed (engine)
- low manouverability
- extrem strong armor
- high firepower (14 cannons (three belong to a gun turret), 1 triple naval gun)
- wide attack range
- can not upgraded by items
- no cargo holds
- high maintenace costs

Special abilities:
Can attack several oppunents at the same time.
Does not slow down when it was hit.


Full description in German:

07-18-2018, 05:08 PM
Here's my suggestion, the Imperial Flagship:

I'm imagining it as a more expensive and larger Battleship, much better at fighting than the Cruiser is, but also more expensive than the fighting prowess alone would warrant. This is because in addition to being a Battleship, it would have some support abilities. These support abilities could be something like buffing the attack rate of nearby ships, but it could also be increasing the culture rating of the Island it is docked at.

I imagine it as a ship that would fit the type of player focusing on their Zoo, World Fair and Decorations.

07-18-2018, 06:00 PM
the Leviathan
For this ship I went digital, it's a big warship capable of leaving a lot of destruction.


if you can't see these pics, you should be able to see them by scrolling in my previous post on onedrive.

It has
- very high firepower
- very good armor
- very slow
- bad manoeuvrability
- almost no cargo capacity

It has room for a howitzer in place of the second front turret

07-24-2018, 04:16 PM
- low / medium armor
- high speed (engines)
- medium manouverability
- medium firepower
- medium attack range
- medium / high maintenance costs
- does not need much influence
- two cargo holds

Special abilities:
Does not slow when it was hit or is loaded.
Can boost the speed for a short while.


Full description in German:

07-28-2018, 10:21 AM
Hi ! I have a question : the ship must be based on the exactly same design as the Imperial Pride or must be in the same style ?
Can we modify the structure of the ship or just little elements like color etc. ?

07-29-2018, 12:12 PM
- low / medium speed (engine, sails)
- two cargo holds
- very low firepower (only one small cannon on the larboard)
- low manouverability
- medium attack range
- strong armor
- does not need much influence
- medium maintenance costs

Special features:
An orca accompanies the ship.
- self-repairing (slow)


Full description in German:

07-29-2018, 07:15 PM

This is the Barracuda,

It has:
- low armor
- fast
- good manoeuvrability
- medium firepower
- low cargocapacity

- Ram
can deal a lot of damage at full speed, but is vulnerable after the hit (gets stuck for a short time)

07-30-2018, 08:31 PM
Hi Community,

this ship was built to protect riches of the prosperous society from pirates and raids.
Through the combination of old-fashioned shipbuilding art and modern technology the ship recieves a high shipping capacity, a high armor and a decent fire power.
In between fights the ship repairs itself slowly to its full health points.
This means that this ship can prove itself in every situation and even though the price is comparable high the ship is still a valueble part of every fleet.

Storage room – big
Health Points (HP) – high
Damage (DMG) – medium
Speed – medium
Self-repair – slow

https://preview.ibb.co/dD10Oo/Schiff3.png (https://ibb.co/ftKWUT)

https://preview.ibb.co/n7Gnm8/ANNO_UNION_Schiff_eng_01.jpg (https://ibb.co/chGnm8)


08-01-2018, 09:24 PM

This is ANNOther ship of mine, it's a great trading ship capable of defending itself from small attacks. It can stay on its route while under fire and shoots back at the attacker.

-average speed
-average firepower
-good armor
-average manoeuvrability
-good cargocapacity

08-02-2018, 07:42 PM


Battlleship „Erzherzog Franz Wilhelm”

Pearl in the crown of the Imperial Navy. The ship is built according to the latest standards. It has many technical innovations such as high-pressure steam engines or a lot of caliber works of the main artillery. The use of lateral driving balls makes this colossus not trout on mobility.


- Thick armor, through which it's hard to break through.
- Strong weaponry. 8 sections placed in duplicate, in four towers. Two on the front of the ship and two on his stern.
- Very manoeuvrable. Thanks to two pairs of Side Wheels, being its propulsion, it can turn almost in place.
- A decent speed. Six medium power diesel engines. Three per side.


- Very high construction and maintenance costs.
- Battleship, so little space in the holds.

The project is a variation of Austro-Hungarian battleships and "Imperial Pride"'.

The idea of the ship is mine and the execution of my brother.

08-03-2018, 12:30 PM
- low / medium speed (engine)
- one cargo hold
- no weapons
- extrem high manouverability
- weak armor
- does not need much influence
- low maintenance costs

Special ability:
Can drag (hostile) ships.


Full description in German:

08-04-2018, 11:58 PM
It's the day of the regatta and the closer I get to the harbour, the busier it gets. Buntings and flags are put up everywhere, stalls opened up selling snacks and drink for the spectacle. But I shall not dawdle. The newspaper is in need of some pictures for tomorrows article, a refreshing beer will have to wait.

I manage to find a good spot quite close to the wharf. Even the ship builders are sitting on top of the hull of a new, unfinished vessel, to watch the spectacle the city has been preparing for the last month or so. Probably the best view of them all.

The first ships start coming in, around the bend into the harbours bay, a small tug boat followed by a few yachts, some fishing boat returning from its work and a steamer. Then my attention and that of my camera is drawn to a spot glinting in the sun. I look to the left and see a big brass eagle appear around the cliffs, gleaming in the sun, sitting proud on the metal prow. Everyone in this city would be able to tell you the name of this ship, the 'Imperial Pride' is a magnificent sight! The giantess making her way gently through the water on full sails with flags and bunting waving in the sea breeze.

Click. I hope that I caught her in the right moment. "Truly a ship without it's equal... and to think that it was built in our city!" I exclaim proudly. Someone stirs to my left.

"Aye, that she is, that she is." A bearded old man with work cloths grins at me and then looks back to the ship. "I took me well over three months to get that brass eagle done proper."

"You helped building the ship?" I asked with a bit of suspicion. He did wear work man cloths and the calluses on his hand probably didn't just happen to come out of nowhere. But it still felt a bit farfetched.

"Don't you underestimate this old metal worker!" he laughs. "You just said, 'Truly a ship without it's equal', but did you know that there actually exists a sister ship to the 'Imperial Pride’?" he asks tapping the side of his nose knowingly.

" A sister-ship?" I look from the old man, to the 'Imperial Pride' and back to the old man. "I never heard of another ship of this type being launched." I took to my note book. This started to get interesting.

The old man gives me a boyish grin and takes out his tobacco pipe. "Well you most likely wouldn't have. It was, what we would call, a private commission. One day, one of those upstarts came by while we were working on the 'Pride'. He wanted to speak to the owner of the wharf and a few hours and a lot of money later, the owner and our new client shook hands. He liked most of the designs of the 'Imperial Pride' but he insisted on some odd changes. Let's have a seat. I'm not getting any younger."

Turning towards one of the benches that have been set up on the promenade, the old man takes a seat and starts to light his pipe. Drawn in by his story I sit down next to him, the regatta almost out of my mind. I take a quick look towards the ships. The 'Imperial Pride' is already well on its way, followed by some trading vessels, a brig and a schooner. I turn my attention back to the old man: "You mentioned some peculiar changes? What where they?".

The old man starts to gesture with the mouth piece of his pipe, as if he was drawing the ship in mid-air.

"Well first of all, instead of having the paddle wheels on port and starboard, he wanted to have it at the rear together with the rudder. It's not that it can't be done, but it's an unusual choice given that most other ships these days are built with the paddle wheels on both side of the ship. Furthermore, he was obsessed with deck space. He wanted the masts of the ship to be removable and places to stow them under deck, so the whole deck could be either used as a cargo area or used for other things." I clear my throat: "If I may, what other things would you want to do?" The old man looks slightly offended as if I made him responsible for the choices he tells me about. "What do I know lad? Those upstarts with their fancy ideas. Maybe he wanted it for holding gatherings? The owner of the wharf said, it's supposed to be an exploration vessel ... So maybe a big area for military drills is needed so the soldiers don't get to comfortable." I finish my shorthand notes and interject: "You just mentioned military, wouldn't changing the layout of the deck mean that some of the cannons would get lost?" The old man releases a cloud of smoke. "How very observant of you. But the client thought of this too. You see, moving the paddle wheel to the back, allows us to evenly space the cannons on the starboard and port side of the ship. The spacing also means that the cannons that were at the back are not such an easy target anymore."

The old man looks into distance at one or the other small ship passing by. Then his eyes start to glow with excitement. "Speaking about exploration: now the one thing that I could get behind was this: he wanted to have a galleons figure! So instead of the Pride's eagle we installed a wood and brass figure. The client specifically requested Hecate, the Greek goddess of crossroads and travel. So, I set to it, lad. Four months I was carving and hammering and in the she was installed on the prow. A looking glass held in two hands, ever searching the horizon. Her dress flowing along the port and starboard side..."

He breaks of dreamily while I try to imagine the 'Imperial Pride' with a statue like that. An exploration vessel ... To what aim? I wonder.

I am drawn back from the reverie when the old man makes a deep sigh, puts out his pipe by tapping it against the cast iron frame of the bench and gets up. "Probably the best piece of work I will ever make." he says, slowly heading towards the wharf. In the distance I can see the workers getting back to what they have been doing and distant hammering is filling the air.

"Old man!" I call "Who was the client?" The old man half turns "One of them Jorgensens." Jorgensen ... That name rings a bell. "And how did they name the vessel?" my pencil poised eagerly on my notebook to write down the ships name. The old man turns around and gives me the look of a man, that is very proud on his work.

"Spirit of Exploration"


08-05-2018, 08:20 PM
Hello ! Here is my participation to the constest :

A specific steamer usefull to transport huge amount of crude oil between islands based on the "Imperial Pride"
It will be a specific ship, the only one capable to carry crude oil, working with specials train lines as explained in the last devblog post.

Artistic view of the ship (real aquacolour with post treatment) :


Same without effects/presentation :.


Blue Print of the ship with internal organisation :


A special document with all modifications and improvements added to the Imperial Pride :


I have seen many beautiful ships on the international and german forum, so thank you for your attention ! And sorry for bad English I'm not a native speaker..

08-05-2018, 11:04 PM

This is the ship I designed for the contest.

"If you don't want pirates to get their hands on your fancy gramophones and other exclusive cargo, then this is the ship you need."

It has more cargo-holds than the Imperial Pride, but less speed.


08-05-2018, 11:05 PM
I don't know how to add an image appearently.

08-05-2018, 11:15 PM
This is the ship I designed for the contest.

"If you don't want pirates to get their hands on your fancy gramophones and other exclusive cargo, then this is the ship you need."

It has more cargo-holds than the Imperial Pride, but less speed.

I think i found out how to post an image now (more or less)


08-06-2018, 08:04 AM

I don't know how to add an image appearently.

First you have to upload the image:

Then you have to use the BB-code.

08-06-2018, 12:57 PM
The story of Captain Robert Wellington

Today I will tell you the story of Captain Robert Wellington. Robert Wellington was a proud servant of the Empire, just like his ship which was part of the Imperial Pride line. He was a well-known Captain who fought in numerous naval battles and had won every single one of them.
Until one day something terrible happened, which would change him, his crew and most of all his ship forever.

We now present you with a piece of Wellington's diary entry of the 4th of July 1832.





After the battle

Wellington's crew and ship survived barely. He was able to dock in a nearby harbor which was well known for piracy. There he learned that he and his crew where dead according to the Empire. Wellington turned to piracy. He wanted to raid Imperial fleets an convoys as payback for this treason. Since Wellington wants to stay dead, he sails as a ghost ship. No Imperial crew will live to tell the tale about his refitted ship 'The Imperial Shame: Ghost of the Azura'.


The refit

His ship has had a major makeover since the battle of Azura. Since ramming seemed to work well he shaped his ship to fit that tactic.
The ship has no side armour plating anymore. It only has a strong front plate and a similar new plate at the back. Removing the armour has made the ship lighter and faster. This way it can get in and out of sticky situations very quickly. The front plate makes sure ramming other ships doesn't do too much damage to his own ship. The plating at the back makes sure the ship stays in balance.
The ship also has new weaponry. Since the ship is fast and has no side armour plating, Wellington does not ever want to face the enemy with the ships broadside. Instead, the front will always be pointed to the enemy, for ramming. After ramming, the ship has to leave quickly. It's back will now be faced to the enemy, which is sinking. Therefore the ship now has only 2 big cannons at the front, which can rotate to the side if necessary, but they are very slow. It has the same 2 cannons in the back in a similar position. With these cannons the ship can do quick hit and runs.
The ship has to be fast to pull these hit and runs off. Very fast. That's why the ship now has new sails, which are much taller and wider than on the original Dauntless. Combine that with its steam engine and you have a ship that can get itself out of any situation.
Finally, he outfitted the ship with a huge ram in the front, gold and shaped like a Phoenix. This ram can punch through hundreds of Imperial hulls and not break. To make the enemy sink faster, the ship also has a hook at the front which is under the water level. When The Imperial Shame rams another ship, this hook will punch through the enemy's lower hull, making a big hole below the water level.

Summary of stat changes:

++ speed
+ cannon damage
- cannon reload speed
-- cannon turn speed
-- armour

Wellington's initial drawings




Final design (note: every feature is included except for the Phoenix, I'm not good enough to model that :P)










Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Nox & Herr_Rebmann

08-07-2018, 05:44 PM
Hello, with todays blogpost (https://www.anno-union.com/en/full-steam-to-gamescom/), we're closing the thread. Thank you everyone for participating, we'll review your entries now. :)