View Full Version : Important devs

07-12-2018, 01:49 AM
Some people are just *******s. And For Honor are populated by those "****tards" unfortunately. These people makes aothers quit playing the game. Take me for instance. I have just played with those guys all day. And the clock is now 2:44am and thats a lot of matches in one day. Especialy with "****tards" and i will reconsider if i want to play anymore because of those people.

I have waited for 3 years till the game was finally launched. And there was only good players. And it was fun. And now i only meet bad people/toxic players.

And i will take a breake for a while now. Sry for my bad english.

But i wish all the good players good luck and a happy hour.

Till we meet again. Love u guys with all my heart and ofcourse the devs for doing such an fantastic art of a game.

Bye for now