View Full Version : AC Unity - Spoiler in a database entry (Spoilers)

07-11-2018, 12:24 AM
Hi, everyone,

I was playing Unity and really enjoying it. Once I encountered Germain in one of the story missions, a database entry has been added so I could read about him a little. Next time we see Germain, he is revealed to be the Templar Grand Master. This is when the database entry got updated (around sequence 7). All would be well if this update did not spoil the ending of the game, and, in consequence, the modern day storyline of the game. Suddenly the database is telling me that Arno kills Germain and the modern-day Assassins don't have to worry about Abstergo finding his remains (it is revealed in a sarcastic remark by Shaun). I have no idea if anyone else encountered this problem but I found it extremely annoying that the game itself would spoil the plot halfway through in a database entry update. Please fix this for the sake of players who are still to start playing this entry to the series. Unfortunately, my surprise was ruined and I will have to detach myself from this to further enjoy Unity.