View Full Version : Inhabitants visual representationl based on goods supplied.

07-10-2018, 03:07 PM
So until now we always had very livly cities in anno in wich inhabitants where shown more wealthy as their homes advanced to higher civelization ranks.

I think 1800 can be ready for the next level in this.

Why not have people shown dressed and acting based on wich goods they have?
For example instead of people be shown wealthier, only show this when you actually supply them with the new type of clothing wich was unlocked.

And i am not just talking about clothing.
Perhaps if tabacco was in the game and you supply your city with cigars you might see people actually smoking around your city.
Or perhaps the drunken people you see wandering would only appear if you supply your city with beer?
Almost every luxury good type could have actions for this, let's say if you supply books you would see people around your town reading.

And just imagine how satisfiying it must be if a late game good like instruments could come into play and if you supply them you would see the fanfare from 1701 when people where happy?

It would also see your advancement more slowly then when you would just get the new civilization tier especially with the clothing.
The only impact this could possible have on gameplay is that you can guess wich goods your opponents are supplying to their people but that's really a minor thing.

More people who would enjoy such detail or am i going to far?

07-13-2018, 10:07 PM
In my opinion you are going too far. But I am that kind of player who doesn't really care about graphic side of games, I just want great gameplay, replayability, good story and an intuitive interface. I always enjoyed watching and admiring my cities but I don't care about such minor details.
And I think that preparing models of people from all tiers strolling around the city is already a big load of work. I want devs to focus on gameplay, not on visual aspects of it.

07-14-2018, 09:10 AM
I agree with you with all parts you say however:
The dev's have always made alot of effort to make anno games look graphicly nice.
These models for all those people are already made or will be made anyway, the only thing you change is the condition when they appear.
Gameplay replayability and good story are indeed much more important factors of the game.
I just tried with quite a minimal of coding you can give players extra satisfaction when aquiring new goods for your inhabitants and see visual development increasing more steay instead of instant when reaching a new civilization level.

07-16-2018, 08:08 AM
I think the opposite. I tink you arent taking it far enough.

I think your idea are a good start, but they cant expand more gameplay into it. As this game revolves around a century that took humanity into a new era, a lot of focus was also on human beings, and how our lives was. As people with factories was getting richer and richer, workers started demanding some of that wealth.

So, I think visual representation of the citizens should have an impact on you gameplay. Let me explain:

Your 1-3rd grade citizens need a set of things to make them happy, including a sort of alcohol.
Now, if too many needs are not met, those citizens will be unhappy. Now, if unhappy citizens still have enough of supply with alocohol, a certain % will turn into alcoholics.

Visually in the game, they will be carrying the bottle, raving around, making other citizens unhappy, in a radius wherever they walk. Upper classes are affected more than lower classes.

07-17-2018, 10:47 AM
Wauw that goes quite far.
I think anno is a macro management game and should remain so.
I am not really interested in having to build rehab centers for drinking and smoking if you know what i mean XD.

the poor vs the elite idea is something i do hope they will work our properly that's true.
Until now the population got mad when they indeed did not receive all the goods they wanted.
Never in the history of anno could it be so that lower classes where angre and higher classes happy and visa versa (exept with advanced goods).
But i have a strong feeling the dev's will already have some sort of system to reflect this.

But back on topic i would like to hear more idees of how visuals could increase replayability.
Giving you the feeling you are not running the same town as the game before on a visual scale.