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07-10-2018, 11:33 AM
1. On the map beachhead, Iíve noticed that in two games my teams bot ends up standing at the B objective, on the attacking side. The bot just stands there, and does nothing. Both times, the Valk bot one game and a Warlord bot another, I ran past the bots standing still, and then 2 mins later ran past the same bot standing in the exact same spot not responding. Both games, the bots stood in the same spot as each other, so itís clearly a bug. The Valk bot went 2-8. I would be more annoyed if we lost that match, but we didnít. Still a bug, and an issue though.

2. When playing as Raider, the speed in which he puts down his 2nd feat Bear trap is noticeably slower than when I do it with Valkyrie. Itís a significant difference in time. Is this something that is intended? And if so, why?

3. Itís been mentioned before, but I am getting pretty sick and tired off been GB during my light animation start-up. Just remove GB vulnerability during light attack start-up. I imagine it should be something relatively simple to fix, but I expect to be told it isnít. But still, itís bloody annoying and ruins my game experience because it happens to me almost every game.

07-10-2018, 03:20 PM
I have some as well

1. Lately my friend and I have been being put in alot of matches that wont start. Us and everyone else in the lobby are stuck on the loading screen. We can see when someone gets tired of it and leaves but thats about it.

2. Bot revive bug. This is one of the most annoying. A bot from across the map will be trying to revive a fallen teamate from the other side of the map. It looks like the bot is being a troll and constantly letting go of the revive never fully executing it. The bot will continue to do this until the fallen teamate just respawns.

A reason why this bug is so annoying is imagine if your team is breaking and you die and there is a bot on your team across the map attempting to revive you and failing consistently until youre completely dead and the bot is not helping out during that time of breaking.

3. The raider zone. Everyone here knows what that means. Everyone can do the switch and use zone move but his is completely the worst of all and this is getting ridiculous. His is so bad due to the fact that you can not block it at all. Every other hero's zone can be blocked except for his. Throw the amount of damage he does on top and you have one of the most cheesiest moves in the game with little to no risk.

4. The trap feats (bear trap, stun, nail bomb, fire mine)

These are some of the more annoying feats due to one reason. As we all know you can easily dodge out of these which is no problem for me. But when an enemy can hide their trap on stairs and have the trap not even show up is BS. Or when they can hide them inside walls or rocks. Something needs to be done about that because it shouldn't even exist.

07-10-2018, 03:51 PM
I'll also add some:

1. There are executions that even if they aren't finished, meaning the character being executed haven't been stabbed, beheaded or stomp yet and a teammate stops the execution, it will still register that the execution have been completed and youcan't be revived.

2. GB bug. If both of you and your enemy have gb at the same time but you ware delayed by 50ms to 100ms. His gb is successful.

3. Unblockable wide range attacks when not locked on you cannot be parried.

4. Creeps are guardbreakable disrupting the fight or putting you at a disadvantage.