View Full Version : Sick and Tired of Noobs who cant Block or Parry Assassin Lights and COmplain.

07-10-2018, 01:29 AM
Right now, with the Dodge Nerf aswell as Deflect Nerf (Yes it doest connect like it onced used to)
the only Advantage Assassins have over Vanguards and Hybrids is, their Dodge and Dodge after Block. Pls tell me what else ?
LIGHTS ? did you know , That you can Block them ? or Parry them for a **** load amount of Damage ? or Turtle to death and abuse Oos state with your ****ty Bash and Unblockable GB Troll ? What Else ?

Assassin Guard ? with 100ms Delay ? which prevents you to block or 100ms late dodge if you move your guard ?

Or Dodge Attack ?

Every dodge is a GB potential for the enemy and every Dodge Attack is a Parry Food. dont argue with me on that pls.

i am excluding Shaman and Berserker Of course, for me those arent Assassins, Those are Animals, a total different category.

Turtles with 50/50 is the nEw Meta. and long term Fights always go on Turteloids. noone can Deny This Fact.
Vanguards Lights are as Quick as Assassins... Cent is the Biggest Hybrid with full Guard Troll among them all xD
some of them are even missleading due the fact of attack indicator window, which appear alot later. Have you ever had Problems Parrying a Warlord or Shukogi or Raider Lights? you know what i mean now.
Game is all about Turtling now, nothing more. No Matter how fast the Assassine Lights are, Parrying them give you not only **** amount of Damage but also Oos state of the Opponent.
Parrying Heavy as A Vanguard with a Bash Type Skill ( stamina draiN) followup, is the Biggest Nightmare of an Assassin.

So pls stop complain about Assassins and learn The Game.

07-10-2018, 01:47 AM
"Its okay to complain but only when I agree with it."


07-10-2018, 10:53 AM
Your reflex guard have a 100 ms delay, parry and deflects don't.

07-10-2018, 11:17 AM
You're funny man.. Try to parry 400ms lights which can come from any directions on console ... Roch is a nightmare. That's the point ..

And BTW PK was the best char for a while and second best char in S5 only with fast lights/Zone .. This fact destroy everythings you said. rip