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07-09-2018, 09:28 PM
The crew we will have will be a central part of the game. How it was mentioned by developers, we will be able to invite NPCs into our crew. According to that I made some thoughts a few aspects for the game.

The crew chemistry would be nice tool to shows us how good and effective our crew works together. I think of something similar like team chemistry in FIFA is a nice option. It could be a value between 0 and 100. The higher the number the better the advantages you get from.

If you have a high number you get a boost. For example everybody of your crew gets a Bonus on fighting stats because they fight for each other with more heart and enthusiastic. If the chemistry is to low it could go into the other direction and crew members could leave your ship or do something even worse (steal something, kill somebody, lead police to you,...)

Every character you invite to your crew should have an effect to the crew chemistry.
If you have a monkey in your crew, who does not like sharks because his parents were killed by one, but you invite a shark to your crew, the crew-chemistry should go down.

This malus could go away after you have done quests while monkey and shark were in your crew and learnt each other better. If you invite your first crew member you can already have a crew chemistry of the maximum value because you and your crew member harmonize with each other.

•The interacting of the crew:
One thing that could make this game an absolute diamond (at least in my opinion) is to see the interaction of the crew members with each other. I thought about this since the last trailer from E3. It was excellently shown how great the crew of the Gada interacted together. They joked together, the stuff they said fitted to their crew position. I was able to feel the live and spirit in these guys.

The same thing I want to feel with my own crew in the game. I hope they have conversations like in the trailer and use lines according to their character (introvert character speaks other than a character with a cheerful nature). Their talking should not be reduced to simply sentences that are thrown into a combat or flying scene. They should talk with each other not only to us players.

Just to see this kind of talking/interaction and growing friendship/hate over the adventure allready raises the excitement in me to find new members for my crew and I am not even playing yet.

What do you think about these points?
What crew aspects would you like to be in the game?

10-11-2018, 02:09 AM
What you are talking about reminds me one of my favorite games with similar interactivities between the player crewmates. Bioware did what you are thinking, and did it at the perfection in Dragon Age Inquisition (maybe also in others games of the franchise, but this one is the only I played), and NPC characters have a real background, and have conversation based on, there were tensions for some in the beginning and frendships after... They have reactions on land around, jokes on other crewmates. They reacted to the player advencement in side quest based on other cremates... There were also love interests between some of them... It was really like beeing part of a medieval fantasy journey with originals characters as well developed and endearing as serie characters.