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07-09-2018, 01:14 PM
I really enjoyed the Ocident/Orient and Temperate/Arctic/Moon systems in the past Anno games but i understand that with multi session gamplay becomming optional they will not return in that form.
Still i think that 5 linear tiers for the citizens would be a step backwards in the development of the new Anno 1800. Instead the new advancement system could be implemented as a tree.

After the Farmer->Worker development the advancement could split up into either artisians or engineers. This would make a lot more sense to me from a storytelling perspective and would work quite well with the new workforce feautre in my opinion.



Afterwards the engineer would develop in the investor, no longer contributing workforce but higher taxes.
The artisian could develop into a virtuoso providing only worlforce and no taxes and working in ateliers or similar workshops producing high end art goods.

In a future expansion another political branch could be added:

Farmer->Worker->Civil Servant->Politician

These new citizens could drain some income but work buildings that provide powerful production boosting effects on an island.

Farmer->Worker->Union Member->Union Rep


Other future DLCs could add Union Members and Union Represantatives (working as Workers but less effective but providing Workes statisfaction) or Traders and Stockbrokers (who somehow interact with your traderoutes and allow the levy of tradetaxes). The system would leave much room for expansion!

I hope something like this is in the works or could at least be considered since a purely linear class tier system would really fall flat of my and i expect many other Anno fans expectations.

07-13-2018, 09:59 PM
While the general idea is good you are going too far with more types of citizens. It would be fine for artisans and engineers but adding more would make a mess.

And citizen advancement was always linear in Anno so I don't think that changing it is an important thing for Anno fans, many just want additional factions, not a complicated population tiers tree.