View Full Version : Quick Towelie fix being epic and all

07-07-2018, 01:59 PM
after playing him lvl 4, i see the issues even at 5. epics need to feel epic and he doesnt however he is very little from feeling that way

#1 effort) increase his aura by 15%. increase dmg by 25% - i think this is best to make him more epic and as a 3 cost fighter he needs to hold his own otherwise make him 2 cost and support. being slightly tanky just doesnt make it worth

#2 effort) increase aura by 50% - bypass any ability to hold own, fight be close etc- make him a support as his ability says. I feel at that large an aura he willi change fights as epics should.

for instance when a mystic stan can adjust the battlefield slightly for a 6 second charge or OR OR when a towelie can always adjust the battlefiled in his range the entire time with right range. makes sense

anyways, have fun! hopefully you take ideas into consideration and why! and mind you comparing to a common card such as mystic stan - not a good scenario

07-09-2018, 06:03 PM
Thanks very much for the suggestions! We really appreciate hearing from our players about what they think about our current cards. :)