View Full Version : Assassin's Creed movie 2!! What's happening!?

07-07-2018, 03:07 AM
Last night I watched the film again. I've actually watched the film a bunch of times since it's 2016 release and my initial reception was favourable and engaged.

Last night, was different however.. I can't say whether it was the "days mood", or some other phenomenon of epiphany. However, I really watched the movie; like was totally open to everything about it. -- Right from the opening track "Entrance Song" which pretty much summed up my day.

This film, isn't good. -- It's EXCEPTIONAL of the rarest quality! Among so many movies, almost visionary how good this film actually is.

Everything about it coalesced and jumped-out at me. From the way the footage was shot to the performance of the cast and the way each carried themselves in every scene, and the incredible dialogue free of nonsensical exposition.

Ubisoft, don't waste time getting the next one out. A great story exists here on so many levels. One that I can't unsee, and won't be unseen by everyone, once the narratives move along.

Cheers, Hope this reaches the right ears!