View Full Version : Summer sale/clean up feedback.

07-05-2018, 09:09 PM
So because I made a post last time about some shady practices with the transmog system and it got picked up I figured I should touch on this as well. For those unaware For honor is having a 2 week long sale on older cosmetics. Everything from outfits to executions. After said sale is done they will be REMOVING the content that is on sale and then having them come back later on rotation. Supposedly this is done because when new players come in they see all the content for each hero and it's "overwhelming." I don't buy that.

In my opinion UBI is doing a flash sale removal to try to turn a quick buck during this dry period before the big content drop in October. I want to make it clear i'm blaming Ubi here and not the developers. I do agree that the way the customization menus look right now is cluttered and overwhelming to look at. HOWEVER I don't believe removing content, even if it's for a limited time is a good idea. Especially when things like executions actually have an impact on gameplay. (which tldr of that is people will meta pick executions to get the best bang for their buck health to time ratio wise.)

Now the clearly obvious and best solution here would be for them to just redesign their menu system. Because while gameplay for this game has improved the menus really have not. But this isn't a short term solution and it doesn't fit in with the summer sale theme. (which I have to say is quite redundant to have if you're making them perm that price when they come back in rotation but whatever.)

So I have a suggestion that fits the bill here. It's a bandaid fix that will also net the devs money. MAKE BUNDLES.

You guy's have done bundles in the past for sets of emotes and effects with outfits. So this isn't new. You can make a big bundle for each faction that grabs all cosmetic items (besides standalone ornaments.) Then we shrink from there. A bundle for all vanguards. Same type of content as the bigger bundle but limited to the hero type. And then you can shrink one more time. And have bundles for each individual hero. These bundles would include all the content the other two do. But you also get all the ornaments for the hero. INCLUDING the older tournament ornaments that will become unavailable soon.

These bundles would stick around post sale. But be at their normal prices. And during the sale week you can have "flash" sales where certain bundles are discounted even further. but only for like. a few days. Of course this means you'd have to extend the sale for another week so people have basically a month to grind this out or feel "rushed" to buy steel.

This is a solution that makes everyone happy. Devs get to make money. People get access to all the content at any time. And newer players who enjoy a specific hero or hero type can simply save up to buy an overall bundle rather than feeling pushed to spend money to grab each cosmetic individually. The devs can then take their time to work on a propery UI and menu system when they're not tasked with bigger things like this content drop in October.

Oh also. If you already owned parts of the bundle things would be cheaper for you. This has also been done in the past.