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07-05-2018, 10:10 AM
So i would like to know other people's stand on this:

1-Do we want to boost trading between human players?

2-If we do, in wich way could we do so the best?

3-Do we want to also boost buying goods instead of the usual only sell goods (apart from building materials)?

I have a suggestion on this wich i have replied to some other topics but i didn't create a seperate post on it.
The suggestion is all part to make the larger picture work.

First, their would be more goods wich you can produce rather then you have to produce to get to a higher civilization rank.
-for instance instead of having one new food item you can produce you have 2 but only need one to advance.

Second, if you do can provide both goods you get a bonus in happines (and with it, tax rate) equal or more on what you would spend on buying this extra good

third, being unable to supply one of the 2 has no effect on your population or progression apart from losing this extra hapiness.

These 3 simple things will allow the following things to occur in a game:
-less repetitive gameplay becouse you have a lot more choice in wich you produce so a new game could look entirely diffrent even more.
-the choices between goods would have diffrent ferteility needs or diffrent mining positions.
-It will boost trading amongst players and also promotes you to buy goods rather then only sell them
-Imagine 2 or more friends playing and they produce on each own only of each types while the other produces the other type, they would trade alot with each other to bot get the extra tax income
-if this trade agreement would somehow come to an end, their would be no problems with the population (but perhaps the loss of income can do things tough).
-Real empire builders among us could in the end produce all of the goods available rather then having to build them first before you progress.

I understand this would require more work from the dev's, however you can see this as a replacement for the factions in 2070 only there would be no factions but one large population. The eco and tycoon in 2070 were amazing but they where shut of entirely from each other becouse they where unable to trade with each other.

p.s. you might (dis)agree with my suggestion but in those cases i would like to hear from you the answer to the first 3 questions as well, thank you.

07-06-2018, 09:52 AM
I think introducing quality on resources would be a nice idea for this game.
Iron would affect the number of Hps on ships, and food/consumables on how long the citizens needs are fulfilled.
I cant see that the coding itself should be much of a problem, balance though a bit harder. However, mixing in quality will give players better incentive to trade with each other, as balancing wont be just limited to have/have not on vital resources.

07-08-2018, 09:42 PM
I think that trading in general should be boosted, not only between human players. I like your suggestions, I think I also suggested being able to produce more goods than needed for advancement somewhere in the forums. Besides that I really have no ideas on how trading between human players could be boosted.

I think that changing prices on the world market in Anno 2205 were a devs' idea for encouraging buying goods but it didn't really work out well. It's a bit sad that usually producing is cheaper. Maybe we could have AI players focused on certain goods, for example more military-oriented opponents could produce weapons with lower costs so that they can be cheaply bought from them.

07-09-2018, 04:03 PM
Ai's have already done buying or selling goods at significantly higher or lower prices then usual but this has always been in quite small quantities.
I think to boost buying goods it should have a small bonus so a player doe snot have to do anything else and he is winning over it.
On top of it if this supply route for any reason get's broken the player should not be in trouble.

if buying goods means more money income before you can produce them, then players will auto buy stuff.
If the free traders do not supply enough of these goods to give him constantly this bonus but producing them is to inconvienient at that time or other things are more important then this player might be more inclined to try and buy these goods elsewhere, another players warehouse for example.

producing the goods should always be more profitable then buying off course but if it gives extra income players will do it.
Especially when they are focusing on producing other goods so they can advance in civilization level and previous goods don't really matter apart from the extra income.
Trade has to be profitable for everyone! It has to be profitable for the buyer and for the seller alike. Achieve that and players will both buy and sell equallyuntil the point they will be in end game and are producing everything(and at that point the competition is most likly eliminated).

price changing is also an idea wich i certainly like however this has not immidiatly have to do anything with this original suggestion as price changing will focus more on what you are going to produce rather then if you are going to buy or not.