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07-04-2018, 11:00 AM
I found the sabotage system in anno 1404 a nice idea to the game but it should have been of more inportance, it was almost non-relevant. it could become frustrating but it is sabotage so what did you expect.
If you wouldn't be able to see what other players are doing on there island, or see them preparing for war. To see this you would need a scout ship or some spies in the city. this would give extra complexity to the game. to be clear: only until a ship of yours passes by, you will see the other players buildings and you can also see him building. When his city is out of your ships spotting range, you see the latest update of his buildings and movements. ships won't be visible anymore. This would make a need for simple small and fast ships fitted for scoutings. Spies would be on an island and could boost or sabotage the enemy or friend city.

Maybe in place of spies in your allies cities, you could build a diplomat house or ambasade or something like that in your city, so you'r friend is up to date with your information and vice versa.

07-05-2018, 09:52 AM
Hmm i ike parts of your idea but not all.
Adding a permanent fog of war is not something i like.
However the concept of spies does seems nice to me.

I think a way like the saboteurs in 1404 work could also be used as spies.
Each succesfull spy planetd could give you a little more of random information such as stock of some goods or financial state of the player, or special items equiped, or perhaps even islands belonging to that player you haven't discovered yet.

The idea of diplomats is also something i like. In any way i would like to see things like sabotage but in a positive way towards other players.
Player interaction besides war is a good thing for friends who wanna play togeterh and also have the feeling they play together just instead of next to each other.

07-08-2018, 07:53 AM
About that fog of war, i've always found it strange that your ships just had to pass a new area, that you discover. then the ship leaves the area but you can still see everything moving there from miles away. like your ship is still there. My idea is that when you leave, you still discovered it but unless there is no ship or building that has a spotting range to that area, you would think it is empty sea. in case of buidlings and cities the same but one big difference: you would still see the city but not living. (without the folks wandering in the city) if he would demolish or build some new houses, you wouldn't know because you only see his city from before.
I think that this idea is really nice because there was always a spotting range on a ship but after you explored everything it just wasn't needed anymore. but with this, it could become very important.

07-08-2018, 07:59 AM
i just see that i made a little mistake here: "you still discovered it but unless there is a ship or building that has a spotting range to that area, you would think it is empty sea." Just to make prevent confusion :)

07-08-2018, 08:58 AM
bad idea. You feel already to alone in anno titles it does not need to get any worse...

07-08-2018, 09:42 AM
just because of this, you will feel the presence of the other player more than before. more scout ships, more spies,... you will need to be everywhere to know whats going on. so does you opponent

07-08-2018, 10:33 PM
I like the idea of spies and embassies but not the fog of war. Anno was always a city-builder for me. Having to pay so much attention to other AI players instead of building my cities would be a real pain. I prefer to see everything without spies or ships.
But sabotage and spies are generally a good idea. And spies in opponents' cities could give some information about the enemy - it could be random so that spy doesn't risk getting caught or maybe we could tell him what information he should find but that would put him and our reputation at risk. When we know that the enemy has problems with food supplies we could sabotage them by setting his wheat fields on fire. If an opponent is low on workforce we could organise a riot of workers in his cities. There is a lot of potential in such a feature.

Embassies or diplomat's houses would be a great idea for a building in allied cities. A player would have to build an embassy in his city and let the other player he wants an alliance with to send his ambassador to his own island. It could be a good way of making various interactions between allied players possible - like asking for help during war, maybe asking about delivery of some crucial goods, exchange of workforce could be possible. We still don't know how diplomacy will look like in Anno 1800 but I have hopes for a better system than before.

07-09-2018, 09:14 AM
About the fog of war, you don't have to pay a lot attention, you choose your own playstile. but there would be a higher risk for a surprise attack if you don't.
And because i understand that not everybody likes the idea, it would be toggable. so you would be able to choose between fully discovered, undiscovered like in previous tiles and undiscovered like my idea.

07-09-2018, 09:35 AM
Big ships would be easier to spot while smaller ships are stealthier. Also there could be some cool buildings to add this spotting range on islands. like a lighthouse,... of course (watch)towers also would have a fair spotting range.

07-09-2018, 03:47 PM
I think the major thing you are trying to achieve is the surprise attack element.
There where some items in both 1404 and 2070 wich could make your ships temporarly invisible.

what you want can be easely realisable with items without having to introduce an everlasting fog of war.

07-09-2018, 08:15 PM
you mean that smoke screen? sorry but that was useless, I can't think of one good use for it.
And the idea of that fog of war wouldn't mean that you must spend a lot of efford in it. you can choose your opponents so you would know in what area that they will expertise.
The same way you can choose if they will be agressive on politic level or war. So it wouldn't be a big game-changer depending on your play style.
You don't like it and don't want to pay effort in it? no problem. you want to benefit from it? perfect. it is good for both parties so win-win in my opinion.