View Full Version : Guard Break change

07-03-2018, 08:18 PM
I had this idea today about a guard break change I wanted to share. Playing against certain heroes like Raider and Centurion and some others, can be frustrating as hell because of how much they spam GB, even when you CGB 4 in a row they just keep going with it after every feinted heavy and there's no real downside to a failed guard break and there is a downside to being countered on every single other thing in the game.

Dodge's counter is GB.
Light and heavy attacks can be parried.
Most unblockables can be punished on a dodge, some can be punished pretty harshly like Shugo hug and LB pancake flip.

Anyway to my point, I think being counter guard broken should drain a fair amount of stamina each time so it can't be spammed so much, maybe 20% - 25%. I think that's pretty fair seeing how almost all heroes get a free heavy off of a GB, and by a wall a GB can turn into huge damage.

Anyone agree?