View Full Version : Issues and Concerns I have with Horse Haven

07-03-2018, 01:29 PM
This is a very nice app and the concept of raising and caring for horses is a great idea since I love horses but a few things concern me about this game since I have been playing. The first thing I have an issue with is inviting or getting friends for this game which can only be handled thru facebook that is a good and bad thing after awhile I forget who I invited as a Horse Haven friend if it was not for some people's portrait picture I rather have a better system for inviting people to the game.

Second if you are starting out in this game makes it almost impossible for you to compete with older players regarding the events Ubisoft has set in place most players have top notch horses that you are already miles beyond the starter horses that are given too you now yes you can go breed and make better horses but then that even becomes an issue when it comes to the cost of breeding higher level horses the cost start to become insane.

Third the cost of some of these promotion horses are a bit insane costing anywhere between $13-$20 a horse I could see if it was a breeding pair for that price but for one horse that is going a little overboard to charge that amount. I know the company has to charge for development and probably employees salaries but really this is also how you loose your customers with charging outrageous prices I don't consider slashing a $17 to $13 horse saving me a heck of a lot of money and exactly who is there target audience for the game because it is sure not children.

I have been trying to stick with the game but costs need to be looked at, events should be developed for new and old players because they will just keep the old players and loose most of the newer players I have seen that happen time and time again but I guess it is the older players that is keeping the game going.