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07-03-2018, 08:51 AM
I did this post originaly after playing both betas for Reddit, and it garnered quite a bit of attention there so I figured I'd bring it here.

Most of the suggestions are still relevant, having played many hours in full game.

So after 40 hrs in both the closed and open betas plus about 50 hrs in full release, I feel I have quite a bit of input. I'd like to list off some improvements that could help this game succeed to it's fullest.

Much of which has already been pointed out before. None the less I think the more people who say it the better chance they'll fix it. Before I say anything else though, let me just say I think this game is a far improvement over the first and I've been having a blast. Ivory Tower has done a phenomenal job. Now then onto the list.

(I've updated the following list to include many things left out that have been pointed out in comments)


-Gravity- really important to get this right, cars need to not be magnets. Also they need to
have some bounce or some kind of suspension physics when landing a jump.

-Frames Per Second- Not sure the technical limitations at play, but fps drops in city are obvious and destracting. Definitely needs some improvement. Fps is incredibly important in any racing game.

-Car Handling- while much improved from the first and mostly acceptable I still think there's room for improvement. I must confess however I personally prefer a bit more sim style in my racing games. So not every one will agree with me here.

-Headlights- For whatever reason, perhaps because I play in third person, I don't have a big issue with night time brightness. But many of you do, that's going to be a big problem. Without a doubt needs fixing. And not just brightening the world, brighter headlights. Night should be dark.

-Wall Grinding- I believe they said this will be fixed for release. No reason that this should be faster then proper skilled driving.

-Rubber Banding- Outdated system. Time to move on.

SENCONDARY (though still important)

-Fast Travel- because it's 2018. (Edited in)

-Mirriors- not sure this is going to change, i think it's a technical problem. I'm fine with it, but I know some of you arnt.

-longer nights like they were in the beta. Way to damn short now.

-Odometers- they said they'll be added back in the future.

-Onscreen Nav Line- again this is something where I like the new system. But some are having problems seeing the minimap line. Which I totally understand. There should be a toggle to allow both systems of nav. Also would be cool if in the future they had a talking gps system as other racing games have.

-Pop In- while I think this was slightly improved from the closed beta, it definitely still needs work. It might be a situation where on console at least, we have hit a limit in terms of graphical power. With that being said, at the very least cars should not be popping onto the road in front of you, that's gotta go.

-Southern Snow- some might disagree with me here, and I get that it's a total arcade game, but I feel it's important in this game to get a real sense of where we are. Vegas needs to feel like Vegas, Maine needs to feel like Maine. As soon as the ground is covered in snow in Miami, I no longer feel like I'm there. This breaks immersion at least for me.

-Rain- when it rains in this game it rains for like two minutes. Now I'm not saying it should rain all the time or even that often. But occasionally you ought to have rainy days, mix things up a bit.

-Optional Parts Share- now I fall into the camp of people who like the current parts system. However there are those who dislike this. I purpose an optional no parts share toggle for those who want a more hardcore experience.

-Higher Player Server Cap- This might be another one with technical limitations being the cause, but it would nice to see more players simultaneously. I would like to point out though that I think the game works like destiny where local players are "spawned in" near you. So I don't think it's as if the 8 players are spread across the entire map. I could be wrong, let me know.

-Drifting Cam- would be nice to a have an extra cam option that keeps to the same angle as the car.

-World Ambient Sound- turn off the music and park your car in the middle of any city in the game. Have a listen. Seems to me it's way to silent. Would be nice to hear traffic, honks, sirens ect. Maybe in the country wind rustling, crickets, howling, you get the picture.

-Motorcycle Physics- another one some might disagree with, but I think the rider still looks a bit stiff. Idk it just seems off some how. To be fair I don't think many games get this right.

-Boat Physics- some really like the boats but they just seem bland to me. It needs more dynamic interaction with the water/waves. Think GTA 5 or riptide.

-Missing Landmarks- Chicago's Sears tower, freedom tower, and many others people have already listed. Granted I think this might be a licensing issue. Perhaps people are weary of the idea of people flying planes into certain buildings.

-A Better Way To Exit Game- self explanatory

-Custom Races- really in a game this big, it could use a way to make your own races. Maybe even make it so you can race against A.I on them.

-Map Creation problems/bugs- low bridges without trucker clearance, trains not using turn off tracks. General bugs such as floating trees, people glitching into buildings, npc cars flipping themselves on ramps, so on and so forth. *Edit*

-Dashboard Accuracy- I don't drive in cockpit enough to notice but others have pointed out some inaccuracies and non working interior speedometers. Would be nice to see this updated.

-GPS Glitches- please fix the gps going brain dead occasionally.


-storms- lightning and thunder, heavy winds?

-moon phases- maybe that change the amount of brightness at night. (Obviously only if they fix the headlights)

-tinted windows-

-neon lights undercarriage- NFSU anyone?

-Easter Eggs- this game is a pop culture paradise waiting to happen. Now the world is pretty damn big so alot might already be there, but I'd love to see updates continuing to add new things. I'm talking iconic houses/buildings from popular movies/shows/games. For example: Amittiville house, Bates motel, overlook hotel, gastby mansion, Spencer estate, the list goes on. I know they've already put some Easter eggs but this game is just begging to be filled with secretes.

-First Person Walking- yes like get out of your car and walk anywhere. Why? Idk why not. It's already built into the game.

-more fps hubs- much like TD:U casinos and what not.

-Inpromptu Race- where you press a button while next to a random player to challenge them to an impromptu race to a random near by place. Think FH3 or even NFSU2

-Roads Driven Stat- much like FH3, would love to know how many roads I've discovered.

-Continue From Place Left- as in when you boot into the game. Would be nice for an option to start at the place you were last as opposed to your house.

-Optional Police Dlc- keyword optional. The community is devided here. Honestly I could take it or leave it, but I think a future dlc that enables police for those who want it would be a nice touch.

-Faster Photo- As is it's quite a long pause to load into photo mode. Might be due to the amount of features within, so it may not be changeable. None the less would be nice to have a faster transition.

-Private Sessions- Sometimes you just want the world to yourself, or you and your friends. Not something I would use much, but there always seems to be some demand for this sort of thing.

-More Japanese Manufacturer's- probably something that will be added down the road. As is with a whole host of new cars I'm sure. Also not just Japanese as alot of others are missing.

-F.O.V In FP- would be nice to have better F.O.V in first person.

-Fourth Fast Fav- an option to set a vehicle of choice to R3 menu, down direction.

-After Market Body Parts- Real word body kits and more.

-Car Stance Adjustment- Self Explanatory

-More Vinyl and Decals- More to work with for livery's

-Explorers Map- Like the crew 1 you could see the areas you've been. I'd suggest a seperate map on the stats page, other than your normal map.

-Crazy Taxi- Pick up pedestrians and get them to there destination side game. Why? Have you played crazy taxi?

-Desert Heat- Heat mirrages (or what ever there called)


Ok well there's probably more I'm missing. Anyone feel free to chime in below. Now I'm not trying to nit pick or complain. I'm simply trying to point out ways to improve, and only because I enjoy this game as much as I do.

I hope the community can come together with a unified voice and we can point Ivory Towers in the right direction. Not that they aren't already heading that way but maybe we can get there faster.

If cards get played right who knows we may have a serious contender to Forza Horizon, if we already don't. Besides it doesn't look like need for speed is getting there anytime soon. Anyways thanks for reading my novel.

07-03-2018, 09:48 AM
This is good.

For my wish:
We need more RallyCross and Motocross track or A to B race.

Trophy Truck arena for Rally Raid spec?

More PowerBoats race and harder track...

Can we save favorite Livery creators?