View Full Version : A Collection of Optimizations

07-02-2018, 09:43 PM
1. The graphics in the original Crew game were better in some aspects. (for more information watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faQLyHW4488 )

2. Menus are not optimized. A Hotkey / Key Combination in Mapmode for going Home would be nice.

3. Filters for Car Collection and Car Catalogue should have more Keywords. "Car Level", Disciplines ("Drag", "Drift", "Street" etc.)

4. It is really very annoying to browse through all the tests everytime you want to do a new one. A Filter to show only undone tests should help here.

5. The AI should be better. Rubberband effect is too strong.

6. Spotify Connection for the Radio. Or at least Connection to own MP3 Folder. Or the option to copy own MP3s in the games music folder.

7. Dumping old Tuning parts is a pain. At least it should be possible to highlight multiple parts and then wreck them all at once. Holding down x for every single part is annoying.

8. There should be an option to join a friend's crew. Not only to invite a friend.

9. The Photo Ops are cool, basically. But relatively often you cannot find the objects. You could make that a little more convenient. Also it should be possible to take a look at friend's Photos / Video Clips. Because social media is such a big issue in this game. So the game should be more consequent on that ;)

10. the first Person mode in HQs or in Home is a nice Idea. But the controlls are really not good / smooth etc. And the animations are really bad:D Sorry, but I think you know that...

11. There should be an option to sell cars...

12. There should be an option to visit / to get invited to a friend's / another player's home. I would love to show a friend home and my cars or to take a look at theirs... To look at a friends cars in the menu should be possible all the time. That would be awesome. And speaking of that, buying new Homes would be really cool, too. Maybe a Mansion or a big Boat with garage and Heli Pad :D Or more Penthouses in all cities.

13. When you do an event together with your crew, at the end of the event, there should be an overview of the placements automatically and not only if you press the button.

14. It should be easier to find Friends or crew mates on the map.

15. PVP has to come out quicker!!

16. I think the supercool "switch-Vehicle-Type-on-the-fly" feature comes a little too short. Maybe there could be some type of daily quests or an extra test section for this.

17. There could be more Monster Truck Races. Like a straight track with lots of cars to drive over and jump over and every Player is on parallel tracks.

18. I know your whole post launch releasing schedule. But honestly. RX Section without an Audi Quattro S1? Walter Röhrl is really mad because of that ;)

19. The presentation of the rewards should be more informative and transparent. To have Only the notification flashing up is useless. It never shows your exact reward. This should be "celebrated" more.

20. The text Chat is overlapping with some other ingame informations like the photo objectives. Thats not really nice.

21. no FPS Cap.

22. The cars you select in your Showcase in your garage in your home should be saved.

23. Crew vs Crew

I love this game and I see so much potential. I hope I could give you some inspiration with my suggestions. I would really like to help!