View Full Version : Counter nobushi hidden stance?

07-02-2018, 05:08 AM
I am currently looking for a counter for nobushi's hidden stance, and I have yet to find one. Guardbreak does not work as she can counter gb me right back and most long active frame attacks won't knock her out of it. I tried practice mode but I still have yet to figure out a counter for it, and if there is no counter then why have a defensive move with not way to counter it? If I read it, I should be able to punish it. Please let me know if someone know a counter for the hidden stance. (This isn't a call to nerf the character just looking for a way to beat that stance)

07-02-2018, 08:49 AM
Use lights. Or any fast zone attacks. That will snap the nob right out of her stance. One thing to keep in mind is your attack range and her range. If u come up short, back away. The closer u move the more difficult to react.
Always keep in mind that if u telegraph your intention somehow, U will likely get a light, then another, then bleed. Kicks are easy to dodge but keep in mind that anything that can be done following hidden stance, they can be done. So prepare your own counter with each possible attack if u can break her stance.

However, if a nob enter stance from afar, let her. Let her burn her stamina out instead