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07-01-2018, 07:31 PM
In general I am more of a bit tactical shooter player, such as the new Echo Combat, still I am glad I tried this beta, and depending on the price point I probably buy it. Of course it does suffer from the generic VR risk: Not that many players play VR, so multiplayer lobbies are hard to fill. Anyway, feedback:

One of those small things I really like: the FPS counter on your normal screen. When I got performance issues, I otherwise always have to open the Oculus debug tool, which is a pain. This is alot easier.
And the lure is hilarious, synchronized dancing was never so easy :P

Things that could be improved in my opinion (besides more variety in game modes): The target point for head-referred navigation. I already discussed this with a dev who was in-game, however my (and also others apparently) Oculus is slightly down on my face in order to have a sharp picture. That means if I want to go straight ahead with head referred navigation, I have to tilt my head backwards, which is really irritating. Now I just use hand referred navigation, but it would be nice if you could as player add a custom offset to counteract this issue.

I am not a big fan of the lobby system. Now I know with VR numbers we probably should be happy if there is a lobby already available with players in there, but still. If you end up in a lobby with someone who is just changing his loadout, you cant do much besides waiting. And if you just had a 5-7 match, you probably will enjoy a re-match. But if you just lost 0-13 you rather play another opponent. The 'regular' solution would be a screen where you could choose between existing lobbies, or making a new one. The VR solution, which would take more redecoration time, would be having for example a lobby where up to 12 people can be in, and with 3 seperate 'ready rooms'. Or maybe a completely different solution, but the current system has its downsides in my opinion.

Balance wise I won't comment too much, since I haven't played too much yet (although two of those small automatic weapons seems for me at least best). However in 1v1 an issue I have seen was that if you kill your opponent, you know you are completely safe, so you can happily go straight through center to get shields and life. This means when your opponent respawns, you are stronger than he is. Either you get passive gameplay where he first gets busy getting his own upgrades, or he gets killed again and again.

That was most of it, in general seemed like an enjoyable and polished game. You guys should add a singleplayer campaign ;).

07-03-2018, 04:14 PM
Hey Sissorski,

Thanks for your impressions, wo do plan to add more stuff in the lobby :).

07-05-2018, 01:49 AM
I like the lobby ideas. Makes it easier to rejoin games and also join games already in progress.