View Full Version : About the "you can be whoever you want to be"

07-01-2018, 03:58 PM
The devs used to talk about the freedom they want to give to the players saying that the players can be whoever they want be. The problem I found with that statement is that it can't be realistic if the game will be based a lot on the story, for the simple reason that a strong story can't be objectively written for the endless ways that players will want to approach the game.
Usually videogames that base themselves a lot around their story have limited variations of the same story (path), but this means players won't exactly be who they want to be, instead they will choose the path they like more.
On the other hand videogames that give players many tools with the main goal of making them be whoever they want to be will have a weak and generic story or non existent; it is true that the story of these types of videogames can be considered as "made by your actions" rather than written by the devs, but making a good thing thats based on this concepts is hard and I think everyone will agree that bge2 won't be this kind of videogame.
If someone finds a way out from this paradox or an error in what I've written that's not related to my beautiful english I will be more than happy to know it.

07-02-2018, 12:23 AM
Well if you look at the Telltale Games, they've been pulling it off in quite the astonishing way of giving freedom to the player and still maintaining a great story. But another way BGE 2 could be doing this is, by not making following the main story of obligatory like in Skyrim.