View Full Version : ideas for livery editor

07-01-2018, 03:32 PM
I've been making a few liveries so far and I can say that i do not enjoy doing it. So here are my suggestions on how you could improve it.

Allow us to enter the rotation amount directly, or allow us to toggle betwen degree snap and free rotation.
I've been turning a piece for four minutes, trying to get it to exactly 270
Masking. So that the shape we add will cut a hole into a selected shape/group of shapes, exposing the vehicle color or layer underneath.
Color type selection.
Let us choose other color types next to matte. Perhaps giving us the option to choose a specific color type and the "adapt vehicle color type" so that a matte car will have matte for selected shapes and a chrome car will have chrome shapes.
Allow us to duplicate a livery to make a different version.
Fix the bug that shows all self made liveries on all vehicles of the same type.
Meaning that currently a BMW livery i made can be chosen to be applied on literally any other car and plane liveries can be chosen on any plane. Make it so that the liveries for one car can only be seen on that one car. I do not want to have to scroll through all the liveries for every car I have made so far when in reality I only got two liveries for the car I selected.