View Full Version : Checkpoins

07-01-2018, 05:37 AM

i have a lot Problems with the checkpoints.

1) you MUST look on the minimap to not get lost and even then you can miss a checkpoint

2) you MUST Focused on your Track

Found the Failure.

To make it clear no one can look at the same moment on the Streets and on the minimap. Realy Bad when driving Hyper Cars Events. I Stoped playing the Hyper car events for the reason i love my nerves and my life. And if you drived the track 3 times and was 1st up to 90%+ and loose for a dumb placed checkpoint. Yes aaannnngryy.

Thats on other tracks too so, on a lot tracks. But the normal tracks was so short that i replay them up to the point i know them very well.