View Full Version : The two in one special - how to ruin the end game

07-01-2018, 02:34 AM
We all hate feats at the end of a game when teams are breaking, and every feat under the sun is called in to just ruin your day. We all also hate the screen clutter, massive flashes of white obscuring half your screen and blocking a clear view of your opponent. Well last night I captured a video of a game that shows both of these issues.

For those who wonít watch, basically itís a 3v4 with both teams breaking. The opposing team throws a fire flask, which effectively ruins any chance my team had. So I call in a catapult which then kills 3 of the opposing team. Sounds like a fun, intense battle to end a close match right? So now itís me and one opponent. We face off, I throw a side light which he appears to block, but a big white flash occurs instantly and I canít see my opponents widget anymore. So I miss the GB he used, which I know I would have been able to counter if my screen wasnít acting like it was at a rave party. So that 1v1 was effectively ruined because of pointless screen clutter.


If you wanna spare 30 seconds to watch that video, go ahead. But this is mainly a prompt to the dev team they really need to prioritise on balancing feats. Not only do they ruin every Dominion game, but they will ruin every breach game. Not only is screen clutter annoying and borderline unnecessary, but itís something that would be easily rectified, compared to other in game issues. Both of these issues have been brought up by the community countless times. The time is now to do something about it.

P.S: anyone else think that I wasnít in the fire the second time, when the GB pushed me back and I got burned again? It didnít look like there was any fire on the ground, but I still lost a quarter health to it.

07-01-2018, 03:28 AM
So THAT'S who you are.