View Full Version : G27 wheel force feedback POSSIBLE TEMPORARY FIX and how to replicate bug

07-01-2018, 12:33 AM
Hi all,

So I was scrolling through the forums looking for the FFB fix and saw 1 post about alt tabing out and into the game to temporary fix the FFB issue.
Sometimes u need to alt tab twice or click on the crew 2 minimized icon
It worked for me, but to feel it u have to set FFB to 100% in game menu 1st slider on top before alt tabbing
Best way to check if it worked is to drift a street spec car and see if the wheel is getting loose or hit some cars and feel for impact.

The way i could replicate the issue was that i put the FFB in game slider all way to the left, then alt tabbed, and then put the slider all the way to the right and as i was doing that i could feel the weel getting worse and worse. When i had the slider all the way to the right the wheel could barely turn, and it took it several seconds to center, as opposed to 1 or 2, and it was also wibrating like it was about to break :) at this point alt tabbing fixed it most of the times, but i dont know if for long, didnt test yet.

Still the game feels a littlebit unresponsive but i hope the FFB will be fixed and driving feel will be improved.

Also 1 more issue, when using manual gearbox with clutch, the clutch i think is broken in such a way that u can press it only 1cm down and already change gear, and u cannot stall the engine, which u could in the crew 1 if i remember correctly.