View Full Version : This game is a big mess

06-30-2018, 10:13 PM
First of all what the hell was the point for the Alpha / Closed Beta / Open Beta if the bugs are still months later in the final game ?
Strongly advise to approach things differently if i may say so , because the way it goes right now its going all downhill.
Couple of issues i have so far and strange enough started appearing few days later after my 3 days Early access.

1. I cannot collect ICON Loot rewards ( the one you get after each 10 levels )

2. Favorite car is somehow bugged and gives me the TT everything YET if i check my car list i see a perfect star on my Regera .

3. Rubber banding , its lame and even more since there is not a way to escape it because we can only PVP in December if we are lucky.

4. Weird shadow/lightning flicker below the backside of the car , it doesnt always happen but when it does it is very annoying.

5. Draw distance / Pop Ups

6. We cant save the locations were the cars are placed , i want my favorite cars visable in the garage. For me its currently filled with Rewards program cars wich i dont even use.

Six bugs and issues for a game thats just released after 2 alpha's and 2 beta's blows my mind.
Now im not a console player but i find it very stupid for the ones that still dont have their Gold edition/pre-order/Rewards program cars.
This should have been solved soon as possible but people still having empty hands.

When do we get an update ?
Playing this game gives only frustration yet im here thinking gaming should be all about fun and relax , guess im crazy