View Full Version : Silly idea: Let classes do what they can.

06-30-2018, 04:56 PM
Hi there. I know its pretty late to change whole system of a game, but it will be still pretty nice devs will let all classes do, what that class rly can do. Everything depend of weapon and class playstyle.

I have not complete idea but here is some examples:

In natural, trey are weak but fast. So let them only block or deflect. Give them more posibilities, what can do after deflect (light damage guaranteed, heavy damage, some kind of GB/throw). Should have dash attacks for sure. Can softfeints if their weapons allow it (pretty hard to stop axe on swing). Have no unblocables, but in combo reactable throws, tackles ect will be fine. Little PK should not be able to parry 7kg 2handed sword fully swinged by muscule man. But she can deflect it and stab him to ribs. So what about unblocables? Able to deflect or dodge.

They have shield or massive weapon. They are slow but have brute strenght. They definitky should have parry with some posibilities.
2handed weapon wielders have unstopable lights (can continue combo). Have unblocables.
Shieldwielders have fulblock stance with more posibilities (some kind of charge forward with shield, afterblock punish, maybe 3 or 4 posibilities)

Good fighters with pretty agressive nonspamable openers like kicks, shoulderbashes etc count as any part of combo. Simply first line fighters. Can parry too but cant parry unblocables.

Some hybrid of normal classes depend of weapon and playstyle.