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06-30-2018, 03:19 PM
Virgin crew player long time racing gamer- think back to the original NFS with the ford GT90... I lie, my first racing game was some F1 game where if you mistimed your gear selection you would blow the engine.

Yes, I’m a racing simulator enthusiast (well with the exception of the original Carmaggedon) so I spend most of my time on the racing circuits switching between performance parts and tweaking suspension settings to have the car suit my driving style.

Anyhow I digress, as of 30/06/2018 I had gone through all the posts in the feedback section. I’ve attempted to compile a list of the most popular/recurring suggestions.

Please note that I’ve listed all the suggestions I’ve seen more than once and that this list is in no particular order. Cheers!

1. Followers bar; option to remove/hide it
2. AI difficultly; ranges easy/med/hard/extreme
3. AI rubber banding; option to remove it
4. GPS route indicator; change to a more visible colour on the mini map and/or impose the marker on the road
5. Night driving headlights; fix the brightness or make them more effective
6. Control mapping; user adjustable controls
7. Home; user defined vehicle layout to save
8. Vehicle functionality; extend home/HQ functionality to in-game eg. Engine start/stop, Windows and doors to open/close
9. Cops; include them
10. Side missions; pizza delivery, Uber driver, stuntman eg. “The accident” is a great activity as it plays out like a side mission
11. License plate text editor
12. Race creator/editor
13. Livery; complete sticker removal eg. Red Bull F1, Shelby GT500
14. Livery; small caps fonts addition
15. Wheels; different finishes eg. matte
16. Player gear and customization; livery editor for suits, hat customization and/or hat removal, setting different outfits for different race types/classes/vehicles
17. Meeting hub; include various meeting points across the map for players to “socialize” ie meet, show off gear, cars, livery and achievements, challenge each other to races

NB I will endeavor to update this list on a weekly basis.