View Full Version : I've purchase Platinum Credits Pack , but NOT shown in Game

06-30-2018, 11:06 AM
I've purchase Platinum Credits Pack from https://store.ubi.com/
but can not see CC credits in game, it's already been 8 hours, can you please process my issue here?

My issue ticket no. is 06569610

I'm using Steam version, and purchase Platinum Credits Pack from official site, please HELP!

07-03-2018, 01:50 PM
It's been over more than 4 days! so ridiculous! I didn't receive any credits since I paid 4 days ago. your customer service said issue had been processed to your back-end center, what now? anyone?

07-03-2018, 02:02 PM
Hi DavidLanz, apologies for the wait and thank you for your ticket number.

You should receive a reply shortly.

Kind Regards

07-07-2018, 02:54 AM
I did receive a quick reply, thank you, but it's been 7 days since I paid, and get Nothing still!

As far as I know, I am not the only one into this situation, many of us were paid a week a ago, and didn't get any CC credits.

Can you please explain to us what's going wrong with CC credits? Most importantly, when can we get our CC credits, like how may days, weeks, thank you.

06-07-2019, 08:53 AM
I can't see CC points in the game, can you handle my problems here?
I purchased the Gold Credits Pack from the official website, please help!

02-10-2020, 08:04 AM
I feel very exaggerated. It's been almost a year, and I still don't see CC points.

02-10-2020, 10:57 AM
Things like this can't be resolved on the forums, make a support ticket. https://support.ubisoft.com/

02-10-2020, 05:45 PM
I don't know what you're talking about with "official site". I'm assuming you mean through the Ubisoft store? I recently purchased some CC through Steam. How I did it though was by adding money via a Ccard to my Steam account. Doing it this way ensured I received my CC in-game, which it did as soon as the transaction completed. Next time, try purchasing the CC through your Steam account rather than from the website. Remember, this game has two versions: Steam and UPlay. Perhaps by purchasing through the official Ubisoft store, the game is looking for a TC2 version that isn't integrated with Steam?

Just my two cents. Good luck.

02-12-2020, 08:36 AM
You can't do anything but wait. I purchased CC's from my Steam wallet and has been 15 days now. They take the money immediately with an invoice mailed to you and then the wait begins.

You shouldn't edit your case. ie: respond to it as it drops it back in the order of the queue.
They told me to make a case for a case so it doesn't affect the originals position lol.

That being said the Helpline has no power but to escalate a case. For the record mine was escalated 10 days ago.

I did this type of transaction end of last year as well, took 7 days, this time I'm on 15 and counting.

Nothing we can do but wait and learn from our mistakes :(

02-24-2020, 05:12 PM
Hey folks,

If you have made a ticket for this specific issue and are waiting for a response, please provide your ticket number here and we can check the status on our side :)