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06-29-2018, 01:51 PM
I, for a while, have contemplated on how to make GWC much more useful. He is a very high energy cost card and sees very little gameplay in legendary.

I have toyed around with changing his charge ability, (which does need to be either stronger or faster to charge) but then the post on "Forum Idea Page (https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1820821-Ideas-for-new-cards-amp-abilities-amp-choosing-your-own-loading-screen-picture/page2)" gave me the brilliant idea. I'm sure it has been mentioned before, but not specifically to this card... so... here goes.

Give Grand Wizard Cartman the ability to lower the attack of each enemy that attacks him by X amount per hit.

The upgrades to this debuff can be increased by leveling him in a similar fashion to Stan the Great or Friar Jimmy or Bounty Hunter Kyle, where the number is increased 2 times per level (changing his health/attack per level to compensate).

Runner up ideas:

-Give him a fire aura around him that does a damage burn the longer you have allies around him

-A spell card that is used on him is immediately added to your own hand at half the cost for X seconds

-His charge ability lowers affected units by X% max HP

**I am personally a huge fan of upgrading cards rather than going on a nerf-fest. Instead of making strong cards weaker, make weak cards stronger and make them more viable as a counter instead of bringing the strong cards down to their level. Especially legendaries.**

06-29-2018, 02:37 PM
Hi there!
Thanks so much for sharing these ideas with us! We're always interested in hearing ways that we can improve our game, and especially what our players think of how the cards are working and how they can be changed for the better. :)

07-07-2018, 01:49 PM
auras around a wizard seems to fit the theme - i for one love it, if game can support it without to much work up with each new card and update i think thats super viable and totally fun!

07-15-2018, 08:04 AM
Lame ideas. You can't have everyone in fantasy be a debuffer.

His charge attack could transmogrify one enemy unit into a c0ck. So if three units are attacking him, one unit inside his charge range randomly turns into a chicken, very similar to Good Times with Weapons Bulrog Cartman. It should still include the knockback and freeze.

08-21-2018, 02:24 PM
With the latest buffs to legendary cards, Unholy Combustion and Transmogrification or C o c k magic are being much more used since, for example, a lv4 Lightning bolt can't remove a lv3 Mecha Timmy.
If GWC wasn't 6 energy cost he would be much more used. See Awesome-O, he costs 5 and since the buffs, he sees plenty of use in legendary arena.

As long as GWC is 6 costs he will see a very low usage rate because of the removals. A 5-cost GWC would be much more popular...

08-28-2018, 11:34 AM
I agree that something needs to be done... I just went on here to see if anyone else had written about GWC / SMW, because honestly they are a load of crap.

I wouldnt even play GWC at 5 energy. Possibly at 4... He is horribly expensive to play and what do you get? His attack is VERY weak and very slow, his charged attack is a joke... Sure, he has a lot of HP but if you are playing mystical you can play Zen Cartman instead, which is a hundred times better and a lot cheaper.

SMW is also a quite horrible legendary. She is cheaper to play but weak attack, low HP, meh charged effect...

09-18-2018, 06:11 PM
Thank you for the feedback on my ideas.

It is very true that GWC is an expensive card, but he is similar to manbearpig except cheaper and with an ability. The best comparison is Awesom-o, but different theme. Since GWC has the extra mana, he really needs to have a little something extra added.

I hear you d. chef about too much debuffing from fantasy, so I decided to double check all the units that debuff in fantasy: DMC, Le Bard, PK, and Stan the Great. Not really that many, compared to your comment about "everyone in fantasy". GWC would only make 5.

Still do this day I would love to see more players using GWC as a tank. As far as tanks Barbrady, MBP, and GWC are used the absolute least and I have talked about the possibility of giving Barbrady and MBP a buff as well, but it revolves more around attacks and speed, whereas GWC is more about strategy. At 6 cost, he really needs to have an awesome ability OR an awesome aura OR something else to make the card worthwhile which is why I listed the above ideas.

How about one of these ideas?

1. Any unit killed while attacking GWC is turned into a **** for your team

2. Every enemy unit played (if swarm is played, each unit in the swarm would count) changes the charge timer by X% (For example at 15% if rats are played that is 60% of the charge bar filled. If pigeons are played it is INSTANTLY ready.)

3. When his charge ability is cast allow you to teleport GWC to any area of the board on the plane of where he is when he uses his charge back towards your NK.

4. This is an extension of my earlier spell idea. If charge ability is full and an attack spell is used on GWC, extinguish the charge and protect him from the spell partially or completely depending on how overpowered that may be. An example would be if his charge is full and a **** magic is used on him, turn him into a **** with increased HP, if transformed turn him into a rat with increased hp, lightning damage would be severely blocked, UC would only take away 50% max HP, etc....

5. Remove his charge ability, and make every 5th-10th hit do what his charge ability is currently doing.

6. While GWC is on the field, your NK has an aura active that decreases card energy cost by 1-5% depending on his level.

7. Give GWC the inability to be transformed. No **** magic, no transmogrify, no medusa bebe snake.

8. Give GWC the inability to be debuffed by UNIT cards. No STG, no PK, no Le Bard, no STJ, no posiedon stan, no towelie, no enforcer jimmy, HC would do damage but would not inflict power bind.

9. Give GWC immunity to both freeze AND poison. No AQR, no poison, no alien clyde, no program stan, no awesom-o, no freeze, no marine craig (unfortunately this is only a deterrent from 1 theme so this may not be as useful as other ideas, but would still increase his value making him viable at 6 energy cost)

I could do this for days. Just coming up with new ideas. Just please do SOMETHING to make him better. Giving lots and lots and lots of health to a card is not the only way to buff it. Warcry, charge, aura, and deathwish is the only way to spice up cards to make the game really interesting.