View Full Version : Am i blind or this new The Crew 2 isn't a really "Finished Product"?

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quite a bit of that is wrong, and some of it is a design choice (like not letting people customize license plates because people would have "ubisux" and "**** U"). it has alot of issues, but that just means theres alot of improvements that can be made. the first game stank out loud when it launched too.

06-29-2018, 03:14 PM
Totally agree. I have my own huge sheet of claims to the game, as well as the feeling that ubisoft deeply spit. I haven't seen any official response from the team yet. Only big topics about processors, steering wheels (which are still broken) and so on.
Looking at the forum, the only topics that attract the attention of developers are topics with a lot of comments and likes. From what I conclude, we need to create a collective appeal, with really critical things in the game that don't allow us to play and have fun we paid for. I personally have no desire to return to the game. Despite the fact that I have not completed all the tiny progress in the game. We don't even have editor of the routes there (like in the Crew 1) or multiple checkpoints in free riding, which somehow would improve this mess. When playing with friends have the opportunity to temporarily ignore all these problems.But no, we can only drive on limited (and let's be honest, boring) routes with dumb and annoying bots.

07-01-2018, 05:47 AM
I think the lackluster launch quality of this game is due to Ubisoft's "Games as a Service" model. Push out a buggy, glitchy mess of a game at first, and then fix it llater after the fans complain.

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please ubisoft fix these issues! we know you can make great games, and the crew 2 is one of them- it jsut needs a little polish. Otherwise it will be nfs PB all over again :(

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yes it is a mess atm however I see a bigger issue will I be playing this still in 3-6 months and atm I can say fairly sure I won't maybe if they fix the bugs and add some more however not at this moment.

07-01-2018, 09:42 PM
Exactly this post! Ubi please read and do something with these points fast!
I am currently icon 128 and I do feel that I am playing an unfinished product. After being overwhelmed by the graphical update and the sound update comparing to the crew 1 for the beginning you really start to see what the real `game` is like.

-Texture downgrades, there are multiple videos online that compare the crew 1 and 2
-didn't`t know that the US is lifeless, it feels like I am the only person on the road and doing stuff
- The house. It is nice to walk around the cars but thats all. Why can`t we invite friends, save our cars at other places and it just isn`t a realistic house at all. I really thought you guys knew how to get the best things from the TDU2 in a 2018 game, but this is just pointless.
- The car list. The list looks big and that is just because of the cars and boats. But after playing 48 hours I own almost half of all the cars. How do you plan on keeping me interested in the game? I`m a big petrolhead and that makes me want to get all the cars but at this point it idiotic.
- IF I`m lucky 8 man server. That is not even 1 person in 1 city in whole of the map in the crew 2. Like what is the point of having max 2 whole crews in a map as the USA? We could even just have the garden of the capital as a playing ground with 8 persons....
- Wall riding. I`m high up on the leaderboards and yes it is with wall riding. If you can`t beat them join them, but this needs to be fixed.
- The GPS. Not only do I need to redress my GPS multiple times when I want to do a trip but how on earth are we supposed to see the light blue line on the gps while we are driving over 400km/h? Just give us an option to change it to a darker blue for example.

As a I said I do really enjoy the crew 2 but after playing 48 hours I can see through the overwhelming motorization. We need updates ASAP and frequently. This game could be 100 times better. The community are communicating a lot and just let everybody know that we are heard of. Make this game complete Ubisoft!

07-01-2018, 09:47 PM
Just look at the Fortnite team. Mistakes that are made don`t destroy the game it is how the devs react with the feedback. Fortnite devs are always open and clear and DO communicate on a daily base with the community. Ivory Tower really needs to do this!

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please ubisoft fix these issues! we know you can make great games, and the crew 2 is one of them- it jsut needs a little polish. Otherwise it will be nfs PB all over again :(

Like this ? lo l


4 secondes between this screenshoots... :)

07-03-2018, 09:10 PM
Starting to look like it.. Shame that not even a week in the game the faith seems to be lost in de devs. It could be helped with just a little acknowledgement of the feedback the community has given. Such a shame to see Ubisoft still hasn't`t figured out what the players need from them. It seems that Forza would smash the crew with the post launch events... Let`s hope something WILL change in the attitude of the developers.

07-03-2018, 09:36 PM
That hasn't happened to me holy cow!

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Is this on PC?

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<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/0yt86ysmqeY" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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I'm sorry but the video posted above is not taking in effect a lot of factors as to why it is different. Load times, draw distance, performance, Z-axis, flight and scope to name a few. An incomplete comparison to say the least. I'm guessing texture quality of buildings and people in clothes should have been the focus of the game instead of variety in gameplay and the scope of the game itself.

07-13-2018, 01:25 PM
Bought the game for Xbox, 23gig install and 500mb update(HDR and 4k,really?),played for a bit,realised the game is missing a lot that was in The Crew 1.The game is obviously not finished and should have never been released like it. Putting the game on Ebay and going back the The Crew 1. I really cant see how the is an evolution from the 1st game,apart from a few different vehicle classes. I expect I will get the game again in a year or so when its finished.

07-14-2018, 02:23 PM
Another thread with all the problems well described, yet no official answer.

07-15-2018, 04:33 AM
1) Downgrade since E3 2017;
2) AI is terrible, especially for civilians on streets.. sometimes they get stack in the middle of the road without any reason and create a BIG chaos around, sometimes they hit other cars or other objects like traffic lights and more;
3) NPC's body and Clothes Textures aren't horrible, the are just Scary, open the photo editor and go close to a bus or any vehicle that transport NPC's and you will be freakign scared out, i swear, their legs and armas are.. stretched and distorted.. + some other times they have them into their own body (in poor words without arms/legs);
4) Photo Editor Don't have Zoom Option or Rotation of the Camera (atleast with my controller);
5) NPC's on races are just rediculous because they pass through cars, traffic lights and ANYTHING is around them (except for buildings or walls);
6) NPC Cars Path when turning are rediculous aswell, they just turn on the sidewalk;
7) Badly or missing animations for Steering Wheels, exhausts and others;
8) Can't customize the License Plate, just the simple ugly "THE CREW 2";
9) Can't skip the intro of the game (atleast for Controllers);
10) You can actually make small structures collaps just with your motorbike and all these objects have a weight like a piece of paper or not.. wait.. right, piece of paper have more weight than TC2 objects;
11) Visuals Glitches when you go behind or under a waterfall;
12) Objects horribly placed on the ground between or into other objects, like you can see clearly the part of it go through the other one;
13) Water come from nowhere (walls, underground, terrain, anything except right spawn points like idk.. some unions from other parts when water come from or.. for example a dam and others;
14) Floating grass/objects/parked NPC Cars and anything you can imagen (too houses);
15) Your own vehicle could floating in some places;
16) Weird blurry Cut Scenes and the Intro of the game too if i open the game all Ultra Setting in 2K/4K Res;
17) Disgusting rendering textures of the entire world (included objects cars and anything other, too trees and ambient stuff);
18) Camera glitch if you go in 1st person and then try to make the water pull you down (i used a dam to get that done), you will see the vehicle go down but the camera/head remain static and you can see too through water the terrain;
19) You can walk under water;
20) Uou can't in anyway sell your own vehicles or atleast delete them;
21) Crew Credits make game finished in 1 minute for rich peoples, disgusting and horrible way to let players "earn" new stuff;
22) Unrealistic Houses, well.. who the f***k have planes and cars in his Own House, like you enter in it and instead of have a normal Living Room;
23) Can't invite your friends into your own house and have fun (like GTAV for houses and Yachts), play billiard or other fun old games on the TV instead of keep watchign the fake beautiful graphic Cinematic Trailer of the game;
24) Game keep sayign that you are driving/flying in the wrong direction too if you aren't in a race or really in a Real wrong direction;
25) Objects with big hitboxes like a wall seems 2 walls hitboxes, you hit the nothing, the air;
26) Your Own Character (when on motorbikes) don't have any collision, he/she can pass through anything, terrain, walls, buildings, street lamp, traffic lights and more;
27) Missing so many beautiful cars and old glories;
28) Wrong parts of floors together;
29) NPC Cars don't recognize roadowkrs / construction sites and hit them;
30) Unrealistic Clothes movements when in Motorbike;
31) Horrible Civ on foot spawns (under the bridge, underground and more);
32) No cops/firefighters/paramedics but you can clearly see these type of vehicles in the game (Firetrucks, Police Cars and Ambulance's);
33) Disgusting amount of exploits and breaking glithces into the game;
34) Photo Mode Make bikes sound different when exiting and return to free roam (drive mode);
35) Uplay don't recognize/show Game Statistics like other games;
36) Can't buy your own apartment or customize it, until something liek that will come out is completely useless to own apartments in the game because are just same like all other players;
37) Can't sell or trade items//cars;
38) You don't receive any rewards when going to discard a upgrade for a care (like a suspension mod).

Hours spent and paid attention to. I'll answer.

1) Downgrade of what? Graphic? I see it's less vibrant, reflective shader, and losing a few others. No big deal if it's all for the sake of gameplay optimization or tonality.
2) They are do make roadblocks, just like any other open world game with traffic. I've never seen them breaking traffic lights or collide however.
3) They are. Just like in TC1 or any other racing game. But then again it's a driving game and I'm in a high speed vehicle looking at the street. I'm just glad they are not flat cardboard.
4) You are eligible to call yourself blind, just like in your thread title, because of this. Zoom and Rotate are in the first tab when you enter Photo Mode.
5) Yes, I hope next time NPC opponents will stop on red traffic light and traffic jam for you. Seriously.
6) Which NPC you're talking about? Race opponents? Sure. Normal drivers? I've yet to seen it tbh.
7) Please elaborate. Especially the 'others'. What is the missing animation for exhaust that it should have had?
8) Yeah. I didn't see anyone appreciated that TC1 so-called custom plates either. So...
9) What intro of the game? Developer and publisher splash screen? Or intro as in the beginning part of the game?
10) Objects do bounce afar. If they were have more weight and mass, you would trip over yourself. And if Ubisoft changed that, I hope it's exclusively for you.
11) Interesting. Where is the waterfall? And what do we have to do behind the waterfall until the visual glitch is jarring enough for a prolonged time?
12) You mean clipping. That sucks. I guess.
13) I don't understand wtf you're talking about. Water out of nowhere what?
14) As I have seen, there are be misplaced grasses or objects or floating. Not as many and as obvious that it should be a huge case.
15) Terrain hitbox problem I guess.
16) That sucks. I hope you're not talking about Depth of Field and practically a blurry render of motion picture instead.
17) Just like point 3
18) You mean like there is nothing underwater or there's no sort of underwater effect?
19) That's f*cking-A, isn't it? You mentioned a glitch that allows walk into water but you didn't mention a glitch that allows you out of your walking area.
20) Why do you need to?
21) That's funny. You wouldn't unlock disciplines, let alone the vehicles under it, in under a span time of 1 minute.
22) Indeed. Only video game characters do that.
23) I guess that's because the game is dedicating itself to be a driving/racing game. Although crew gathering could be a nice off-vehicle meeting point.
24) That's because you have a Waymark on and the game is reminding you that you are in the wrong way from your destination.
25) Okay. Interesting.
26) That would make the bike not viable option to be played on if that's the case.
27) That's great. I guess I do have my favorite cars not in the game but it's not a deal breaker because they can't please everyone
28) Please elaborate and with picture. I want to see.
29) Which NPC cars again? Racers? Or normal bypassers? Racers, again, sure. Those construction roadblocks sometimes just serve also as a shortcut hint and I have yet bypasser cars do that.
30) Like how...?
31) Okay. I haven't seen them in underground tunnels I passed through. Not sure if I need to loiter around there first, but I wouldn't do that.
32) Well. For whatever reason they remove Police. But I guess I'll have it conveniently.
33) Disgusting amount? Damn. So far I know there's only a fame grind. But then again I don't do it.
34) Interesting. You should provide a video for them.
35) That sucks, I guess.
36) It is indeed sucks that I can't buy apartment in other cities while they obviously have it around. But I don't see how not letting me customize it renders it completely useless beyond its actual functions it brings that are can be said quite close to being the core part of the game, which is car customisation.
37) What to sell and why would you need to sell cars? You mentioned this previously
38) I noticed so and I think it has to be addressed. At least a few Bucks or option to trade it in for other parts across vehicle type would suffice

Seriously, you have a lot of nitpicking and bringing up irrelevant stuff. Only a few brought up are real issue that has to be addressed.