View Full Version : Windows Mixed Reality Headset Support

06-28-2018, 09:30 PM
Hi there!,

I'm enjoying the title screen but that appears to be all I can use right now.
I'm using a WMR headset via steam VR and no menu interface is shown (can still use the interface fine with the keyboard and mouse.
The more pressing issue is that the controllers are not recognised by the game. SteamVR sees them fine.

I realise that only Oculus and HTC Vive devices are currently supported but am wondering if there are plans to support WMR devices in the future? I would imagine it would be easy to implement with SteamVR as a backbone.


06-29-2018, 10:56 AM
Hi FlyingTitan,

Indeed we're only supporting Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for now but support for WMR is planned later on.
Some players have indeed managed to make it work through steam with certain headsets.