View Full Version : Some feedback

06-28-2018, 04:47 AM
- Remove drafting during drag races. It's impossible for any solo player to achieve the top times due to the drafting mechanics while racing a crew. reset the drag mode leaderboards as well

- There's a glitched time of 2 seconds in south beach drag race. I have no idea how the guy did it, as he doesn't have any ghost

- Add a scrap-all feature in HQ mailbox. Whilst I'm grinding for parts, every time the game says the mailbox is full i go to the mailbox, pick 5-10 improved parts, the issue is i have to scrap them all one by one to make space for the mailbox.

- Add a feature that can make the daytime stay permanent. I'm not really a fan of the night times, as it's hard to see.

- Ability to remove cars that you bought. While i was going for the 30 different vehicles trophy, i bought a lot of cheap cars, till i noticed that you can't remove them at all. I have a bunch of vehicles that i won't ever use

Other than that... I wanna say thanks to ubisoft & ivory towers for making this game. It's been a long time since i was addicted to a racing game. I can't wait to see the future updates!