View Full Version : It's official: "no shields?!" complaints are the new "no hood toggle?" from Syndicate

06-27-2018, 10:59 PM
And it's the same team too lol
Are we going to have to deal with whining and complaining about a lack of shields on every YouTube video, subreddit and forum all the way up to release?
Stay tuned, folks!

06-27-2018, 11:09 PM
Not really sure what your stance is on it when you compare the mere aesthetics of hoods to a component of combat that drastically changes the fighting style, especially when you call complaints of it "whining", as if it's a non issue. This has all the earmarkings of being a troll thread, which is the worst possible form of whining. So I see no point, just hypocrisy.

You want to talk REAL options, how about the option to not look at every YouTube video and Reddit forum as if you are in a trance. If you don't like seeing or hearing it, guess what, don't watch or read it. It's a whole lot better than posting a whiny thread about it, which is borderline against forum rules since it's filled with insulting tones anyway.