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06-27-2018, 09:13 PM

i already wrote in the Beta-Tests Forum, but this has gone ... so I continue here.

My Issue was, that since BattlEye was implemented and the Launching procedure was changed,
it is no more possible to launch The Crew 2 With TriDef 3D (https://www.tridef.com/products), a 3D Prog for 3D Monitors.

As I said, The Crew 1 and all Alpha Tests of The Crew 2 run perfectly with TriDef 3D.
I get no failure messages from Uplay or BE, just TriDef says "no compatibility with directx 9, 10 or 11".
The Crew 2 itself runs well althoug TriDef was cancelled right before (silently).

I already contacted the UBI Support as well as the BattlEye Support ... no answers so far.

I am really thankful for any advices, tips and tricks ...

I can´t remeber the last postings of our helpful UBI-Forum-Hosts.
Maybe you could repeat or spend some time to think about ... anyway I am very thankful to You too :)

I´ll keep on rollin´ and try to update here

Greets and Thanks


06-27-2018, 09:25 PM
Hey Amavitus, can you PM me your ticket number?

06-30-2018, 10:02 PM
PM <- done

... and I got an answer from the support; but not the one I hoped for ...
I hoped for someone who is passionatly fired up for solving Problems :o
but he just said, that I should ask all others.

So I made my own Investigation and found a Thread, who´s writer named the Game Planetside 2.
This Games also uses BattlEye and has also no offcl 3D Support.
... but ... 3D works fine :eek: marvelous!

My first Suspected was and will be the TheCrew2(_BE) Launcher.
And I believe this is the malefactor for most, if not all Problems in case of BattlEye or other Launch-Crashes.

Sadly, there is no contact to any Developer ...

I like to have a Demo too, to try some Scripts/ Ideas ...

Well lets see its weekend now - see you