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06-27-2018, 07:14 PM
I've been playing racing games since PS1 and let me say I'm more grateful and appreciative for the new experiences we receive, today! Thank you, UBISOFT for a bright and engaging, robust racing experience thus far!

I have the Gold Edition of TC2 and enjoying just about every bit of it.

With that being said, I have a few personal "ideas" for a bump in flow, as well as a bit of an extended functionality issue I want to speak on.I really hope you guys take a look at what I've compiled in my first 4 days


I drift in manual, race in automatic. Switching between these modes become a task when preparing for a race, as now I have to switch back to the preferred method of gearing. A much neater way to do this would be to allow us to save the gearing method for the respective car we chose. My drift car can be manual, so can my bike. And my race car can be automatic -without the need to go into any menus, except to chose preferred gearing mode for said car.

Gearing up and down with L1/R1 has always been a no go for me. This is a personal gripe, but added controller configurations to select from would benefit racers with life-long racing game habits. I personally gear down with the right stick, or even face buttons but the shoulder buttons cause me to subconsciously find ways to shift without taking my finger off of the gas (The dreaded thumb shift or "The Claw"). I'm not sure if this was intended to act as some kind of "clutch" simulation idea, but taking my finger off of the gas to gear up and down has never really sat well with me.


I can't hold this game's GFX creator to the same standards as some GFX creators, but I will vent my frustration with the lack of options for simplicity, as well as common sense things.

Lack of Finish types for Vinyls/GFX and Rims.
Vague Iridescent color options/customization (can't change both colors, could be wrong? Haven't found a way)
Lackluster selection of rim types/color combo ability (No 2 tone rims)
No Window Tint
No compensation for GFX creators (No real incentive to share if we can't even see how many times it was downloaded, could be wrong about the download counter, though)
Not a lot of branding, so sticker slaps jobs are gonna be scarce for all of those who love to slap brands on the car. Your in-game brands are cool, but they need more logo variety so that placement won't become repetitious and redundant.

Vinyl lockout on specific body types/car parts are kinda unfortunate. EX: BMW M5 has a bumper option with the trademark color stripes, but you can not place your own graphics creation on top of the stripes because it is a part of the bumper. So if you like this particular bumper but it has the stripes? You're stuck with the stripes.

Minor In-Game gripes

The city is really too big to be so ghostly at times. I hardly feel the life in the game, unless I'm going fast enough not to notice. The traffic is fine, I wouldn't want a ton of cars in the way but the ped count is low enough to make it look odd. I'd almost rather have no pedestrians at times.
Driving with a helmet during drifting is just lame. I'm not gonna sugarcoat this. Helmet options should be just that. an OPTION. (In cars)
Headlights do not work in this game. The map seems to be pretty dark, I've had to adjust my LED tv several times, lack of an in game gamma/brightness setting is making doing ANY racing activitites at night very difficult. I have great vision. TV is current and looks fine with all my other much darker games.

Character Avatar

I have no way to revert or change the avatar's ethnicity after selection. Maybe I have to finish the game to do so, but as of now. I'm stuck with what I picked.
Can't change the Hats on the avatar?? It seems to be character specific. Not my cup of tea.
Using a suit during a bike race/race is cool and all but having to go all the way to HQ to take it off is another tedious task. But I don't really mind dealing with this. Having an outfit for each race type would benefit not having to go to HQ to change, except to change into something new. I'd have my MX suit on my dirt bike and my Driving suit in my hyper car.


Graphics creator could apply to blank clothing to further the depth of crews in this game..
A real "meet" when driving around with crew would push the experience a bit further. How you guys have the different discipline HQ's that feel like a bit of a party. The ability to go and look at others cars during this meet would be beneficial to someone trying to show off their creation of a car, instead of looking at it from a panicky right-stick car camera as you try to make out someone's design, all the while he's doing donuts in smoke you can't see through :D This ability would really highlight a lot of people's hard work in the GFX creator and bring the experience a more personal level with players that are rolling with crews. You could appropriate the meet a couple ways.

Make spots all around the map at landmarks, and selected locations like races. But when you activate them, they become a real car meet that's separate from whats going on so others outside can't interrupt by slamming and other obnoxious gestures. That way you could make use of actually being able to walk around with your avatar, maybe even spectate activity between everybody at the meet. Some might be drag racing, drifting, doing donuts and showing out and being able to focus on that during the meet with your own two eyes can further immerse you into the aspect of this idea.
Make it a real-time event where you have to accept the activity to be able to take part in said gathering at the chosen spot.This way you can still provide a view to people who roam the server and may want to take place in the car meet. It can be invitational or open. You can propose invites to private meets and apply the ability to kick someone who is ruining the quality of the gathering.

The switching between vehicle types is cool. I wouldn't wanna further complex it, but having multiple favorite vehicles in a switch would benefit not having to go into a menu to switch between a your favorite drift car, race car. Or maybe you favor 2 kinds of planes. An option of 3 per vehicle type would be cool.
Multiple Marker support. Maybe even make a cool checklist type of thing before you head out, so you can visit multiple spots on a road trip you may take. This would bring some incentive to traveling and create a bit of excitement as you and your crew traverse through this huge map, checking off your "bucket list" of places you may want to visit, revisit or discover.
Points of interest markers/bookmarks would be handy for photo opportunist like myself. Go to spots for drifting, drag and sprints you may have found with your crew, having a bookmark for these places over the course of your TC2 lifespan would be cool, especially if it were affixed to the photo album. You could run back through all your old bookmarks over the course of time and view pictures from your journeys.
The garage should be customizable as far as what vehicles you can put up for display. I'm not to keen on having a big boat and a plane with these crazy colors hanging out. I'd throw in all my favorite ground vehicles.

This is all I have for now. The game is only 2 days old for us Gold Editions, and I'm loving the game. Can't wait to see what you guys do for future updates! If you bothered to take the time out to read this, thank you for that as well as your time! I truly hope that if you do read this, you consider the ideas and things listed here, as this is idea is shared by many racers like myself.

Thank you.

06-29-2018, 05:23 AM
I don't like traffic irl please let me turn it off in a game.