View Full Version : Separate vehicle type controls, and some

06-27-2018, 01:46 AM
I use a T300 GTE, t3pa, th8a shifter, Saitek x52 pro and a hand brake on a PC running Windows 10

The joystick works for the most part except the bindings don't match to what I'm inputting. e.g. pitch down is showing as brake pedal, and pitch up is 'down', not game breaking but some inputs register but the game doesn't know what it is exactly and have to rebind them each time i load the game, cant remember which ones off the top of my head but my handbrake suffers from the same thing but that's a diy thing and isn't too hard to rebind its only job.

It would also be nice to have the shifter+clutch and sequential work at the same time or switch automatically. I prefer to use shifter and clutch for most vehicles but when i go to something like the NSX with 9 gears (2 more than my shifter can handle) i then have to go through the menu to switch it to sequential. Can live with just using sequential, so it's not a huge deal, but it would be nice to not have to go into the options to switch transmission type again when driving something like the Fairlady Z or cars with 6 gears and less.

My biggest issue at the moment is boats. Wheel works fine but i hate holding down the dpad on the wheel. So I thought I'd use the flight stick throttle for the boats trim which worked how i wanted it. But switching back to plane or something meant it would conflict with other controls. How it is at the moment is a global setting which is fine, but it would also be nice to have the ability to bind for vehicle type as well, that way i could bind the x52 throttle for trim in boats, and have it control throttle in planes, and not be used in vehicles.

I'm happy being able to use multiple controllers in the game, and configuring them works much better than the crew 1.
Probably wont be many people trying to do what I am with the controls, no idea how hard it would be to fix, but hopefully it will work someday, and save me making a button box that I cant fit to my rig.